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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Removing The Bathroom Window and Built in Wall Vanity

The next job on the bathroom list is the window in the shower problem which we've spent the last 3 weekends working on. This is what we had a choice to do:

1) Keep the window there, paint and seal the timber frame and maybe get 4 years out of it before it rots and makes all the tiles fall off - Verdict: No way we are not dodgy renovators!

2) Remove the window and replace with glass bricks for approx $1000, it will be sealed shut and over time the moisture will probably make the sealant mouldy euwwwww - Verdict: Expensive and not fully practical.

3) Remove the window and replace with aluminium window for approx $600, will be able to open the window and let the moisture out - Verdict: Houston, we have lift off - and a winner!

Option 3 it is - So now we know what we're doing, it was time to get to work and remove the window and the built in wall vanity

Unscrewed the frame from the outside

Then jimmyed off the frame on the inside

Removed the wall vanity metal box which would have rusted if it stayed there

Checking out the 2 courses of bricks
Our Aussies houses are made super strong with double brick, one layer on the inside and one on the outside

Playing around with my mosiac tiles which will be in the shower box that we will make

When the window frame was removed we inserted a big metal support beam in its place and rendered around the frame

Made a waterproof shower box out of this piece of cement sheeting, cut out all the bits of the box to size, glued and screwed together, waterproofed and then cemented in

A final render and tidy up

The hole is boarded up from the outside with a piece of wood and plastic sheeting stuck on the inside to keep the creepy crawlys out

The bathroom is now ready to be fitted out this week - the window guys are coming to fit the new window, the tiler is booked in to start his 3 day job of screeding, waterproofing and laying the tiles and the vanity is being delivered as well.

It's all  happening in the bathroom this week exciting stuff!
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  1. You are so bloody clever. I love watching this journey.

  2. I am so excited to see the finished product! And I LOVE those tiles!!!

  3. Oh, how exciting once it's all finished and you get to move out of the dodgy blue swirl shower! New bathroom for Christmas, who could ask for something better :)


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