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Friday, March 2, 2012

Garage Extension Begins

The garage extension has begun with the old carport concrete being ripped up and is now a pile of dusty sand and limestone rubble and yes I'm having bathroom flashbacks with all that dirt around but I'm glad it's trades men shovelling this time and not me!

It's gone from this before

To this now

Oppps the bobcat driver may have knocked down the neighbors fence in the process but we fixed it up and hung some shade cloth where the little gate use to be

This is the other side of the garage through the little gate

Also dug up

We laid a little makeshift pathway down the side of the driveway so we can walk into the house without walking through mounds of sand

The cars have been moved out of the way for the next 8 weeks or so while the work is being done and have laid some pavers down to make a temporary spot for 2 cars and our lovely neighbor has offered to store 1 car at his house as well.

So the demolition has begin - fingers crossed in a few weeks time we'll have a new kick ass double lock up garage in use!
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  1. How exciting! I cannot wait to see how it will look like in the end! Enjoy the fabulous weekend, Kellie xx

  2. it's going to look SO good once it's finished! and how good is your neighbour!



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