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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2013 Word: Embrace and 2014 Word: Motivate

I've been joining in with Maxabella Loves for a few years now and picking a word for the year - a word to live by, strive for and believe in for the year ahead.
In 2012 my word was decision - I wanted to stop procrastinating and doubting myself and make decisions. I gave myself 5 commandments to follow and was surprisingly impressed with my decision making that year.
My 2013 word was embrace - let's see how I went over the past 12 months with the goals I set myself ...
Embrace challenges that come my way - At work in my job as an Office Administrator I'm always up for a challenge whatever is thrown my way I take it on, work it out and get it done. At home the challenges of renovating were also embraced and using my garage as a kitchen for 12 weeks was probably the biggest renovation yet and was a pretty resourceful way of embracing a challenge!
Embrace my creative side - I kicked off the year completing the Decor8 Blogging Your Way ecourse which helped me immensely with my blogging and creative side. I'm trying to take better photographs and using editing Apps on my phone and tablet. Joining Instagram recently  has also bought out my creative side but there are so many talented people out there and although sometimes hard to do it's important to remember not to compare myself to everyone else, it's about showing my own creativity in my own way.
Embrace opportunities as you never know where they may lead - I have really tried to expand my blog this last year and did more product reviews and giveaways which I really enjoyed doing. I also worked on some sponsorship reviews from my cruise holiday about the cruise ship and a tour company we used. I'm gearing up for 2014 to bring even more opportunities to my blog and ultimately to my awesome readers - you guys!
Embrace change and not be afraid of it - Instead of letting my stubborn Taurus bull horns charge up at the scent of change I'm consciously listening and opening my mind to something different - show me a different way, tell me why it's better, and let's change things up. I often think of that saying "if you always do what you've always done you'll always get what you've always got". I'm not afraid anymore, bring on the change!
Embrace love from friends and family - Well I've definitely done that after giving my Nana her Birthday wish of a cruise holiday and spent 14 nights on a cruise ship with my family. It ended the year on quite a high after some really special family time. Mr P and I also added a new addition to our home with our rescue dog a Staffie x Rottweiler from the RSPCA that we named Lexi. She's become such a loved addition to our household and all my friends and family that meet Lexi shower her with pats and treats which I'm sure is such a stark contrast to the life she use to know before we rescued her and showed her what it's like to be loved xxx
Girl frolicing in a field of flowers ... embracing freedom! via
So what is my word for 2014 ... after much thought my word this year is Motivate
I want to be motivated and do more DIY and renovation projects around the house without fluttering my eyelashes at Mr P and waiting for his know how knowledge to help with the work. I know I can do more than make sandwiches and more hands make light work, I just need to get motivated to start getting my dainty office hands dirty!
I'm motivated to look and feel my best this year. This means realising as I edge towards my mid 30s that night cream is not just for my Mum but for me too and I need to look after myself more. I am motivated to exercise and be more active starting with walking to/from work as much as possible instead of catching public transport. Taking Lexi out for more walks and runs to the park and down to the river is not only good for her confidence but good for Mr P and I to be more active too ... it's like exercise without trying which is always the best kind for me! As for my diet more salads and meatless Mondays, smaller portions and at least 2 alcohol free days a week.
I want to get motivated and organise more get together with my friends, I use to be the one to organise everything and that's kind of why I got sick of it and hoped someone else would step up for a change. But all that's happened is the catch ups have stopped and that's when I realised some people are the organisers in life and that's just how it is so I'm motivated to get back into organising some get togethers, dinners and parties with my friends. I'm especially excited that Halloween is on a Friday this year, I've always wanted to host a Halloween party!
I want to be motivated and see more of my local areas in Perth and surrounds. I don't think we'll travel overseas this year so instead I want to venture around Western Australia and check out some festivals and events, go fishing, explore, maybe even pitch the tent and go camping or stay at a nice resort ... it might be a tough choice between those last two!
I want to be motivated and make a decision career wise about what I really want to do - stay in the corporate world which I've worked in for 17 years or embrace a totally new career, something that combines my love of writing/blogging and in the house/renovating field would be perfect. But I need to be motivated to work out exactly what it is I want to do, a big part of me has wanted to follow my heart and do something I love but my head is such a practical sensible thing that it stops me from doing anything about it! This year I will make a decision and be done with it once and for all! 
What is your 2014 word?

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  1. I love what you have planned for 2014, I actually made a huge career change last week, but I can't share it just yet. I totally get what you mean, though as I've been in the corporate world for almost 11 yrs and I am in my mid-thirties. I look forward to see the changes and more fyi on the blog!!

    1. That is great news Carrie I may be turning to you for advice very soon!

  2. Oh I love embrace & motivate! Beautiful choices. I hope this new year brings you all you dream of and more! X

  3. I like idea of a word for the year. Sounds like you have some great plans for 2014 and I wish you all the best with them. I hope you stay motivated and focused and achieve all your wildest dreams and more.

  4. Your plans sound awesome this year, Michelle. I'm so impressed with how we'll embrace worked for you last year. Not being fearful of change is such a challenge, but one you seem to be winning.

    I was interested in your comment about "some people seem to be organisers" and your winding down always being the one to organise the get-togetherness. Me too! But I take heart from your experiment and perhaps will be less annoyed about being the only one to rally the troops in future. Thanks for that!!


    1. Thanks Bron, I guess there are 2 choices I can either whinge about it and not do it and then miss out on the fun or suck it up accept Im one of the organisers in life and just get on with the fun planning!


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