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Friday, January 31, 2014

Photo A Day: January Days 17 - 31

So this is my second half round up of Fat Mum Slim's January photo a day challenge that I've been playing along with by taking a photo every day of the month following the daily word prompts and sharing my photos on my Facebook and Instagram as well as doing a round up here on the blog.
I found it really helpful to save the word prompt image to the background of my phone to remind me what photo to take that day!

I really love the challenge of finding a photo every single day ... looking around me at work, home and play and photographing what my interpretation of the word is. I also love joining in on Instagram and adding the pretty filters which always make my photos look much more interesting I think!
You can find my January Days 1 - 16 here and these are my final round of up days 17 - 31 ...
 17. Tiny - Petite dessert I made at home
18. Happy Place - My home is my happy place because of who I share it with
19. Breakfast - Champagne breakfast at Crown Perth
20. To Do List - Laundry renovation to do list
21. Blue - Roses on my skirt
22. Nice - It's always nice to have flowers in the house
23. Bedtime - My bedtime just before midnight
24. Your Space - View from my office window
 25. A Taste of Summer - Mango and Lime Granita I made find the recipe here
26. Fun Stuff - Making cocktails on Australia Day
27. Something I bought - These gorgeous leather travel wallets
 28. Dinner - Getting treated to dinner with my Book Club girls because
I picked the favourite book last year
29. Window - Favourite window in the house is the one we put in when we renovated the bathroom as it has a view of the tree tops in the back yard
30. Best invention ever - Books! I love to get lost in the pictures and words
31. Polka Dot - My sexy but sweet heart polka dot PJs ...
and now the world has seen my PJs!
You can read all about how to play Photo A Day on the FMS blog here.

Did anyone else join in with this month's FMS January Photo A Day?
If not, why not play along with February's Photo A Day ... You can find the February photos prompts here.
[First image FMS, all other images my own]
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  1. Looks like a great month, Michelle! x

  2. I love the picture with the stack of books and the bowl (?) the colours are lovely! I did the FMS photo challenge two years ago I think, I'm really enjoying doing the 52Project at the moment, see how long I can keep up! Good luck with this one :)

    1. I do love my book stacks! Yes thats a little $4 bowl from Woolworths :) I have only done the FMS photo a day twice now, I do find it a bit of a challenge to photograph every day so have spread it out a bit! I will have to look into the 52 week project :) Hope your keeping well x


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