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Friday, January 17, 2014

Photo A Day: January Days 1 - 16

Back in October last year I joined in with Fat Mum Slim for the first time and took a photo every day of the month following the daily word prompts. Well I've decided to play along again, this time with FMS January Photo A Day challenge and have been sharing my photos each day on my Facebook and Instagram ... and I'm doing a round up of them here.
Speaking of Instagram I don't know why I didn't join sooner it's so much fun to edit and use the filters on photos. Not to mention the inspiration I get from looking at everyone's photos, there's so many talented people out there and Instagram is a great way to find them!
Here are my first 16 photos from the January word prompts above ...
1. My favourite lazy weekend lunch at home eggs benedict
2. A trip to the Ikea sales
3. Driving through my home town
4. My word to live by is LIVE
5. Found the hooks to hang my bird cage
6. Happens everyday my man brings me coffee in bed

7. Upside Down baby you turn me Inside Out (magazine!)
8. My lucky number is 16 the day after my Birthday
9. The natural beauty of the botanic gardens in Wellington, New Zealand
10. The man made limestone and brick walls of our newly built courtyard
11. Looking down at my freshly painted toe nails and new sandals
12. My Sunday afternoon chocolate fix looks rather colourful
13. My lovable fur baby Lexi can always make me smile
14. 3 Things that are motivating me to walk to/from work each day
15. Black + White my new Ikea star lamp
16. This DIY canvass I made for the bedroom with it's sweet quote
"the sun couldn't rise without you, darling"
You can read all about how to play Photo A Day on FMS blog here.
Is anyone else playing along with FMS January Photo A Day?
Let me know so I can follow along with you!
[1st image FMS, All other images my own]
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  1. Your collection is wonderful! I'm not on Instagram but you have tempted me!!!! I love that your guy brings you coffee in bed everyday! How sweet is that!!! Lovey inspiration! Nicole

    1. Iv only just joined myself last month and I wish I had joined ages ago! Its really great to share snippets of your day!
      I have a real sweetie thats for sure, lucky girl I am :)


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