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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Marguerite Dore - Stunning Glass Dining Ware

You all know how excited I was about hosting my first Christmas Day lunch and I had been obsessing about the most important part ... setting the table! That is the thing I love the most about entertaining picking the theme, colours, table decor, and serving ware for the food and drinks.

So I was truly honored to receive a glass serving platter from the lovely Marguerite Dore to dress my Christmas table with. When the glassware arrived it was packaged and wrapped beautifully and would make a really stunning gift for that special someone.

I had to think about what I wanted to serve on my glass plate as I didn't want the food to cover the pattern and colour of the glass too much. In the end I decided to make these bocconcini, tomato and basil skewers and they were a perfect Christmas Day starter even if it's just for the festive colour combination alone! The plate really enhanced the food and the colour combination went perfectly together too. I know this plate will be a favourite when I entertain and I can see myself using it as a serving plate for finger food and to display food on the table.

Marguerite Dore is an Australian made and owned company and Marguerite is a lady who is passionate about her products and making beautiful glass dining ware. Each platter or plate is made to special order so you get exactly what you want - there are 6 shapes, 15 colours and 5 designs to chose from and each design has a different thought behind it which I really loved. The glassware I received was a strong design show plate in cherry red - the concept behind the strong design is it represents a strong heart, capable of withstanding the difficulties life throws at you, determination and developing the capability to use your talent to give people pleasure. What a beautiful concept for the design!
Marguerite Dore supplies to the hospitality areas and restaurants so you can imagine the products would get a bit of heavy treatment being dish washed and thrown around by the Chef, but the glass felt really strong and you can tell they are made to last and most importantly made to be used.

I would recommend Marguerite's products to any one who loves to entertain, they will be a real talking piece on your dining table with their unique design and colours. This is a high end product with a set of 4 plates costing about $429 RRP so while it's not your everyday dining plate it would make a stunning engagement or wedding gift or even a great house warming gift with the promise to be invited over for a home cooked meal!

Do you have a favourite go to piece of serving ware?

Disclosure: Marguerite Dore partner with bloggers such as me to help promote their product. As part of this promotion I was given this plate to review and keep. I have not received any payment or compensation for this review. I have not been told what to say about this product, I am free to form my own opinion and share them in my own words.
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