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Friday, June 20, 2014

Laundry/Powder Room Renovation - Demolition Weekend

In between us painting the exterior of the house and hanging doors the laundry/powder room renovation has been patiently waiting in the background for it's turn.

Well the wait is over - Yea baby it's demolition weekend!

Mr P will be on the jack hammer and yours truly on the sledge hammer to get those ghastly mosaics, tiles, pipes, sink, toilet and plumbing out. It's all got to go!

Previous evidence of my demolition duties!
So how will we survive without a laundry/toilet for the next few weeks?
Unfortunately, the only way for us to get into the backyard to access the Granny Flat and to play with and feed Lexi is through the laundry door.
View from the laundry out to the backyard and granny flat
Lexi's puppy eyes saying let me in!
We could bungee jump through the French Doors off the Dining Room into the backyard, but until the deck is built out here it's a bit of a drop off and I'm not so keen on this option!

The only other exit to the backyard is through the french doors .... just mind the drop!

Likewise, we won't be able to go into the garage from inside the house as this is through the shoppers entry in the laundry.

So we'll just have to mind the dust and rubble for a few weeks and try not to trek it through the rest of the house too much.

Oh the dusty, dirty, fun of renovating - can't wait!

Shoppers entry into our garage addition

As for our amenities, luckily we have a toilet in the Granny Flat to use so there won't be any trips to the neighbors needed to take care of business. Just a sandy walk through the laundry outside into the cold and dark night.

Note to self: don't drink any fluids until toilet renovation is finished!

If we survived (only just!) using the Granny Flat for 6 weeks while the bathroom was being renovated, then we can survive this renovation which hopefully will only take about 3-4 weeks and we'll be back in business.

The Granny Flat bathroom -
I know it's a bit scary looking but it has saved us when we are renovating inside

As for the washing machine - I offered to not wash any clothes for a few weeks - I would survive I have a wardrobe full of clothes to wear and if in doubt I can always take myself shopping! But Mr P wears a uniform to work so sadly I will still need to wash clothes each week. Bugger.

We will have to find a place to relocate the washing machine for now, maybe in the Granny Flat as there's plumbing in there so we can hook it up to drain into the sink.

The washing machine needs to find a new temporary home

I'm feeling pretty organised because we have all our supplies and materials ready so once we demo this weekend, the plumber is booked in for next weekend, then the tiler and electrician, and then we'll be installing everything, painting and decorating and moving back in!

As always we are doing most of the work ourselves to save money and because for some strange reason - we love it! We have tradies coming to do the professional work - plumbing, electrical and tiling. But we'll be on hand to help them out or at the very least I'll be bribing them with coffee and cake or my sandwich queen prowess to make sure they are well fed and happy and therefore do a fantastic job!

Bathroom tradies bribery evidence

I can't believe we are about to start renovating the last room inside the house - we have completely renovated 4 bedrooms, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, living room, hallway and now the last space is the laundry/toilet.

Holy moly, the Jarrah Jungle renovations are almost complete! Well inside anyways ..... let's not think about that jungle outside!

I will keep you updated with daily snippets of our progress on my Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow me over there so you don't miss a thing.

Do you have any tips for surviving a laundry or toilet renovation?
[All images my own] 
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  1. Good luck!!! At least your off to a start already on this one!


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