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Friday, June 13, 2014

Laundry Renovation - The Final Design

We've been planning our laundry renovation here and there, amongst a zillion other home improvement projects we are working on this year, and have now decided on the room layout, cabinetry, bench top and tiling and drawn up our final design plan for the room.
Armed with our inspirational folder of ideas and an icy cold beer Mr P was in charge of putting pencil to paper and drawing the plan to scale because apparently my drawings always look like a school kid did them! Pfffft how rude!!
We even worked out the finer details of the design, like where the splash back tiling will go and the layout of the feature mosaics.
I liked this part because it was an excuse to draw on the wall to visualise the layout of the bench top, splash back and overhead cupboards.
The beauty of renovating means I can have the overhead cupboards a bit lower because I'm a little vertically challenged and need to reach inside them, instead of the standard height which is a bit too high for me!
We debated whether to go with a Cabinet Maker Vs Flat Pack Cabinets and have decided to go with the flat packs, they are cheaper and we are up for the challenge of putting them together and installing them.
We went through all the flat pack options from the different stores and this is our final laundry cupboard and storage design: 
2 x 600 overhead cupboards
1 x 600 base cupboard
1 x 150 base cupboard with pull out caddy
It's a simple neat design with plenty of storage ... exactly what I want and we desperately need!
For the sink we are going with a standard steel trough with a tap mixer that comes off the side of the sink. I did write a big long blog post about our choices but then shit happened and I lost all my work! But I will show you what we picked when I unpack it in the next few weeks. 
For the laundry bench top - we have picked out a rustic butcher block type bench top. I was a little concerned about using wood in a wet area but we have done our research and so long as they are sealed and re-sealed each year they will be protected. This gorgeous wood against the white cabinetry and splash back tile is going to look so striking I can't wait to see it come together!
We've purchased all the flat pack cabinets and handles and will start to put them together soon so we are ready to install them when the time comes.

I've watched far too many people put flat packs together on TV shows and it always takes so much longer than you think so I don't want us to be caught out like that too! I'll do a blog post about exactly what we chose and how it worked out for us soon for anyone else wanting to go on the DIY flat pack journey.

Now that we have our design worked out we can get the sledgehammer out and get into some demolition baby! We are ripping out the entire laundry and toilet/powder room next weekend!

I will  keep you updated with daily snippets of our progress on my Facebook and Instagram so be sure to follow me over there so you don't miss out on any of the dusty, dirty, but oh so satisfying work!

What do you think of our laundry room design?
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  1. How exciting. You've certainly achieved a lot in a short amount of time. Can't wait to see the end results.

    1. We are getting there! Me too, oh to have a toilet that flushes, what a treat!!

  2. I think the design you chose is perfect - great storage and maximized space, can't wait to see how great it will look! Good luck!

    1. Storage is priority in my house, have got to be able to hide everything away!

  3. AnonymousJune 17, 2014

    wow. can't wait to see it all come together. I really like that you add this mosaic tile detail. Good luck and please share the finished laundry as well! all the best, Katharina

    1. The mosaic should look good I just hope we have enough of them, we will if the tiler doesnt break any or stuff any up! Fingers crossed for us Katharina :)

  4. LOVE the mosaic tiles. Reminds me kind of what Adam and Lisa did with their laundry by replacing the tiles and I thought it looked spectacular!

    1. Yes it is a little similar, but not as sparkly Mr P wouldn't let me go too blingy!


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