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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Powder Room Renovation - It's All In The Flush

Oh yes I have one heck of a sexy topic to write about today .... the toilet .... or powder room if you want to sound fancy! That white throne upon which we all spend some time of our day needs it's own blog post and here it is!
As you can see our current toilet sits quite a way off the wall, the plumbing is ugly, it's only a single flush and even that doesn't work all that well because of the old pipes.
This toilet is being replaced with a sleek ceramic back to wall designed toilet - the back to wall style will give us about 5cm more space in the powder room which is a huge amount in such a tiny room.

But it's not just how a toilet looks that is important it's also how it flushes!
Our new toilet will have a dual flush system - as most new toilets do nowadays. This means you can chose a half or full flush. The half uses half the amount of water and is the better one to use if you are water saving savvy like us Australians should be. The full flush should only be used when you need a full flush of water ... I'm not going to go into specifics I'm sure you get the picture!
There's a third flush option that I read Cameron Diaz said once and it's stuck with me all these years ... if it's yellow let it mellow. You can work that one out for yourselves as well! But if it's good enough for the gorgeous Cameron it should be good enough for us!

When we were looking at toilets we checked the WELS rating and features to find out how many litres of water per flush the toilet will use. The higher the WELS rating, the more water efficient the toilet. Pretty much all the toilets we looked at had exactly the same WELS rating.
When you think of those poor kids in third world countries walking for miles to fetch fresh water and here us Westerners are literally flushing fresh water down the toilet it makes sense to think about saving water.

Toilets really vary in price too, and like anything you get what you pay for. A cheap $150 plastic fantastic isn't going to be the nicest thing to sit on and the plumbing inside is going to wear out quicker.

Our Toilet RRPs at $469 and was on special for $439 and we had a discount voucher so paid just $351.20 in total not a bad saving there! We bought it from Masters.

All of these images are of our new toilet - Milano back to wall toilet suite, it's ceramic, has a soft close lid, contoured seat, sits quite high and is modern and square shaped. The sides are smooth with not too many ridges which will make cleaning a lot easier too.
So my water savvy readers remember there are 3 flushes ... Half, Full and if it's Yellow let it Mellow!

That's yet another item ticked of the Laundry/Powder Room renovation to do list ... we are getting there!

You can see my Laundry/Powder Room renovation progress posts here:

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. Wow, that is one funny looking toilet, I don't blame you for replacing it! I have never heard of all of these flushing choices, wow... my kids would have FUN with that ;) What a neat toilet, enjoy!

    1. It is ugly and doesnt work properly it has got to go!
      Hmmmm maybe dont encourage the kids not to flush just yet then!! :)

  2. AnonymousJune 13, 2014

    Haha, I'm all about letting it mellow if it's yellow, too! But it grosses the men/boys of my house out. How is it possible to gross out boys?! Nice toilet. Thanks for linking up to They DIY'ers---hope to see you back again next week : ]

    1. I have no idea how boys are grossed out by it ... maybe they need to hear it from Cameron Diaz to be convinced :)


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