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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Laundry/Powder Room - Changing The Plumbing

We are not one to do things half hearted here in the Jarrah Jungle house so when we decided to renovate and gut the laundry and toilet that meant changing all the old plumbing as well.

We had our plumber here from 6am until 10pm on Saturday and Mr P and the plumber spent the whole day digging trenches for pipes, cutting through the brick walls and coring holes in the retaining for new plumbing, removing the old terracotta pipes and fitting all new PVC pipes, and working their butts off for 13 hours until it was all done.

The plumber is a good friend of ours and I always look after our tradies .... I kept him replenished with my famous sandwich queen toasties for lunch and sent him home with a bowl of Slow Cooked Italian Beef Casserole for dinner!

After sculling a few espressos bright and early Saturday morning, we were ready to start! Firstly, we worked out where all the cabinetry, sink, and taps would go and drew the plan on the walls so they knew exactly where to cut and fit the new plumbing. 
It was really good to be organised and have all our materials ready because we could work out the height of the upperhead cabinets and placement of the sink etc so that it's all exactly where we want it. That's one of the best things about renovating you can personlise whatever you want - bench heights, cabinet heights, great for a shortie like me! 
Our plumber drawing on our walls .... again!
Working out where the laundry trough and taps will go
We are adding a vanity and basin to the toilet to convert it into a powder room - that needed new plumbing and pipes. The pipe lines were cut into the brick walls with a wet saw, then the copper pipes laid in and finally they were cemented over and then we'll plaster over ready for tiling and painting.
New plumbing being cut into the walls
New pipes laid for the sink going into the toilet
The plumbing for the new toilet was done as well, although the instructions weren't with the toilet there was a note stating we had to look up their website to find the specifications to install .... don't you just love technology nowadays! This toilet is going to be so much better and give us more space too, can't wait!
New toilet plumbing installed
Then cemented over .... we will also plaster and sand smooth before painting
We are also changing the laundry trough plumbing and we are putting in a mixer tap instead of the dual taps that come off the walls. We also put in taps for the washing machine, which will be a new front loader washing machine (still to buy!) 

New plumbing for washing machine

Coring a hole in the retaining for the pipes
We removed all the old services off the wall in the laundry so that we can put cabinets on the walls. It's going to be fantastic having extra storage in here and a great use of the otherwise unused wall space.
Old water services on the wall
All disconnected and moved 
We also moved all the water services off the wall out the back, just outside the laundry here. We also had to disconnect the hot water system, lower it about 50cm and put new fittings on it to put it into it's new spot. Our hot water comes on so much quicker now and is hotter too!
The reason we had to lower the hot water system is because we're going to build a deck out the back here and it was sitting too high. We also removed all the pipes so that we can render the back of the house just like we rendered the front.
Before the water services were removed and hot water system lowered
Progress - Most of the pipes removed (just 1 more to go!)
Once all the plumbing was done and our awesome plumber went home and  Mr P and I were in need of some comfort food and wine after that 13 hour day!
On Sunday we did a few more improvements in the room - the jarrah floor boards leading off the kitchen in the laundry always use to bend forward and creak ..... that's because there was only 1 support holding the floor boards up. So we put a few more supports in there so that it is supported properly and ready for the concrete floor in the laundry to be laid.
Supporting the floorboards
No more sqeaks and creaks!
Now that all the plumbing and pipes were done, we carried back in all the tile and rubble from last weekends demo to level out the floor ready for it to be tiled.
Ready to be carried in .... one bucket at a time!
Levelling out the floor
Our site supervisor Lexi always keeping an eye on things!
So besides a bit more cementing, plastering and sanding over the new pipe lines on the walls to prep it ready for painting, all the plumbing is done (for now!) and we are ready for the tiler who is booked in for 4 days work this week to screed, water proof and then tile the floor, kick tile and splash back in the laundry and toilet.
I'm having splash back freak out at the moment, doubting my first design plan so let's hope I can make a decision and find a perfect splash back in the next few days in time for the tiler to tile the laundry and powder room!
Wish me luck!!
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  1. That looks like a mess, that is going to be a beautiful room soon!!! I can't wait to see how it all turns out... I love how you go all out and feed your plumber and partner while they are slaving away, you rock!

    1. It always gets worse before it gets better right, thats what I love about renovating actually just how ugly and impractical the befores are and then how beautiful and useful the rooms are after it makes all the waiting and hard work worth it!


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