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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Laundry Renovation - Plastering, Sanding, Washing

We are now at the stage of the Laundry renovation when we're in too deep to back out and there's still so much work to do in front of us, that makes it both stressful and so bloody exciting!

This week we've had the tilers back and forth laying and grouting the floor tiles so we've had to be really careful on the new tiles. We've been working late into the evening every night this week to get the room ready for the weekend when the plumber is coming back to hook up all the plumbing, install the toilet and sinks etc.

Do you remember all the mess we made in this room
Well now we need to fix it all up!
Cover the walls with plaster, sand everything down smooth, wash it clean
and get it ready for painting! 

The Jarrah Jungle DIY duo ready for action!

Already I can see the progress we've made which is pretty exciting
Here are some before, during and now photos of the renovation so far

This is how the laundry walls were before with all the water services coming out from the ceiling and down the walls, plus we made a bit of a mess when the laundry trough and tiling was all removed.

The walls here don't need to be totally perfect because they will mostly be covered with the laundry cabinets and splash back tiling, but it still needed to be plastered over.
Demolition and new plumbing
Walls plastered and sanded

As for the toilet this needed all new pipes and plumbing which meant more holes in the walls and we removed the side support bar on the wall, toilet roll holder, etc so we can put new fittings in.
Demolition and Plumbing

Plastered ready for sanding
Sanded smooth
To convert the toilet into a powder room with a vanity and sink, meant cutting lines for the plumbing into the brick walls as well. So that all needed to be patched up, plastered and sanded.
Demolition and plumbing

Freshly plastered it's grey when it's dry and goes white it's ready to be sanded
Here we are in action this week - plastering, white setting, sanding and then washing the walls and ceiling ready for painting. While Mr P features to be working in most of these photos, please note that I cooked our dinner, cleared the dishes and kitchen each night after all this work so that makes up for my lack of plastering skills!
Plastering with a concrete mix first

Then with white set plaster
Plastering is a lot like The Karate Kid .... Wax on Wax off!

Once the walls were plastered and dry it was my turn to get sanding

Washing the walls and ceiling with sugar soap and water
We are hoping to get an undercoat of paint on the walls before the cabinets, toilet and vanity are installed as this will make it much easier to paint.

This weekend we are installing the flat pack cabinets, bench top, toilet, vanity and sink and the plumber is coming to do all the plumbing work ..... it's all happening!

It's so exciting seeing the room transform with so many changes in just a few weeks, compared to the many years we have wanted to renovate this room!
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  1. Well, at least once you get this phase done, it'll be all cleaned up and ready to paint... which is the fun part, right? :)

    1. Painting is definately the fun part because it means we are on the home stretch now! :)


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