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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shut The Front Door: Sand, Stain and Seal

With the laundry renovation taking the spotlight over the last few weeks I just realised I haven't shared a proper before and after of our beautiful new front door that we hung a few months ago.
I just want it know that this DIY project was completed entirely by yours truly and I didn't even chip my nail polish :)
Firstly, the door needed to be sanded back to remove the imperfections and marks on it - we paid just $200 for the door which retails at $1400 because of those marks and it only took me 30 minutes to remove them with a bit of sand paper and elbow grease.
Our new front door
Before - Marks on door
After - A bit of sanding and elbow grease!
Door all sanded back ready for staining
Wiped the door over with mineral turps to remove all the sanding dust
Once the door was sanded and the dust all cleaned up it was ready to be stained and sealed to protect it from the weather, rain and sun. For that I used Sikkens Filter 7 in Light Oak which is what we stained our French Doors with. There was enough leftover in the can to do 2 coats front and back on this door which means we didn't have to spend a cent either!
We removed the door handle and weather seal strip on the bottom of the door and taped up the glass panels. Then I started from the top of the door and worked my way down with a large angled paint brush dipped in the stain, making sure I blended each brush stroke and took care of any drips straight away before they stained. Wipe up was easy with a damp cloth.
The tables have turned .... I'm working for once and Mr P is taking the photos!
Progress .... I love the 2 tone affect of the wood

Using an angled brush really helps to get into all the grooves

First coat on the front of the door

Now for the back of the door

Drying time was 16 hours and as this was a Sunday I had to do the second coat on the door the following weekend. The smell was pretty strong too and hung around for about 2 days. Ideally, we should have stained it before we hung it but thought that it might have been knocked about a bit when it was being cut to size to hang so it's probably best that we stained it after it was hung.

Now for the second coat of stain .... after I sanded out any scratches, marks and drips I put on another coat of stain which went on a lot quicker this time around.

After the first coat, I lightly sanded any areas that had drip marks or scratches
.... being careful not to chip my nail polish!

Another coat of Sikkens stain going on ....
This small tin has stained 3 doors with 2 coats each, that's pretty good for just 1 Ltr

The second coat went on a lot quicker than the first

Once the front and back got a good solid coat of stain and was left to dry overnight it was the moment of  truth when I could take the painters tape off the glass panels and admire my hard work ..... yes I can actually say MY PROJECT for this and I'm feeling rather proud that I got to do this project from go to woah!

The finished door

The stain is quite dark and especially after the second coat the Light Oak really came through and intensified and the outer wood is almost as dark as the jarrah floorboards and also matches the new French Doors which is what we wanted to create a flow on of similar wood tones for the doors throughout the house. 
The new door before and after stain

The new front door creates quite a statement and impression of what you'll find inside the house too .....  fun and personality await you inside!

What do you think of the new door and stain colour?

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[All images my own]

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  1. Well done, you did a great job and that's a great bargain you scored too! I can't believe the door was marked down so much because of those marks! Discovering angled brushes changed my painting life, how great are they?

    1. I know right absolute bargain! I can't believe I haven't used an angled brush until now, theres no going back now :)

  2. I can't believe the door retailed for $1400 and you got it for $200!! That is amazing in itself... also, that is great you got so much out of that one can! I am having my mom over to help me paint our front door (which isn't nearly as fancy as yours)... it is a dark brown and I want to paint it white. We also have a screen/storm door in front of it, but our window frames are white now (used to be brown before we got new windows), so I wanted it to match and to lighten it up a bit for when I hang wreaths, etc.

    1. Good on your Mum for helping! You'll have to share a before and after of your door with us too :)

  3. Looks great!! (I love the pic with the un-chipped nails hehee) Its cool when you can judge the personality of the home from the front entrance... & Well done for taping up the glass properly too - I'm still scratching varnish off our french doors... :-(

    1. Cant ruin the nails Sarah! Oh no, that varnish is a bugger to clean off too!!

  4. I LOVE your new front door! You've done a great job covering up the marks and staining it

    1. Thanks Trishie there are a few imperfections but I think only I can see those!

  5. Wow, you got a great price for that door that was so easily fixed by you. The stain colors you chose look fantastic together and are such a warm color. The stains also really match the color of the hallway as well. Really, you did a great job in personalizing the door and your home as well.


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