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Friday, July 11, 2014

Laundry/Powder Room Renovation - Tile-O-Rama

After the demolition and plumbing work in the laundry and powder room it was time to put the room back together and to do this the new floor tiles need to be laid.

We try to do most of the work ourselves on these renovations but decided to call in the professionals for the tiling because we want a quality professional finish and we just don't have the time to practice tiling ourselves. So we handed the tiling job over to the tiler who did our bathroom tiling and after bartering on a price we settled on $1200 which isn't too bad for the number of days they had to come back and do the work.


What we thought would be a 4 day job has turned into a 2 week turnaround because Winter's cold, wet, weather means that everything has taken longer to dry and set. This also means we lost a weekend of being able to renovate and get everything ready for the plumber this weekend - so we have been DIYing in the evenings this week to get it all done.

It just goes to show no matter how organised you are, always allow for changes in the schedule because nothing ever goes perfectly to plan when renovating!

On Tuesday last week - Two tilers came to screed the floor. They filled the laundry and toilet floor full of sand, stones and concrete and then screed it flat. They were in and out in under 4 hours.

Because we dug all the floor up to do the plumbing, the concrete was laid quite thickly and instead of them coming back the next day to do the waterproofing as planned, they had to leave it another few days to dry completely.

In the meantime as this is the only way into the backyard to Lexi and the toilet in the Granny Flat the tiler laid some tiles down as stepping stones for us to walk on.

So there I am having to carry my fur baby Lexi all 20kgs of her inside and outside while skipping on the stepping stones. It's this kind of thing that has you laughing afterwards but at the time it's like .... you've got to be f**king kidding me!?

On Thursday last week - The tiler came back to water proof the entire room. Being a wet area this protects the floor if there are any spills and water gets under the tiles. We then had to leave it to dry for another few days.

Because this is like a sticky paint, we couldn't walk on the floor for 24 hours. This meant the only way into the backyard was to bungee jump out the french doors balancing on leaning slabs and landing in soft muddy sand, usually in the pouring rain with gale force winds just to make it even more exciting!

Not to forget our fur baby Lexi had to be lifted up over our heads and in through the french doors, which meant sometimes she had to stay outside making sad doggy cries until Mr P came home to lift her in because I wasn't strong or tall enough to do it oh yes fun and games for the whole family!

On Monday this week - We were ready to get some tiles on the floor, and the tiler laid all the floor tiles in about 4 hours.

For our floor tiles - we picked out large 30 x 60 tiles in a modern grey. They're the same brand name and very similar to our bathroom tiles ..... except half the price!

We bought the tiles months ago but I had to go and buy another box of the floor tiles last week as the tiler said we didn't allow enough and he was right because there's just 3 tiles left over after he'd finished laying them all!

On Thursday this week - The tiler came back to grout the floor. Now the floor is completely done it can be walked on and is looking like a proper floor again! The grout is still wet in these photos and I'm hoping that it lightens up as it sets because I'm not completely happy with the dark colour right now :(

Phew so that was just getting the floor in! You don't know how good it feels to not have to stand on dirt and rubble inside the house, we've had some messy, sandy, damp and chilly weeks lately!

The next step is for us to get the the flat pack cabinets, bench top, toilet and vanity and sink in, which is the plan for this weekend.

Then the tiler will come back and finish laying the white kick tiles - this is so he can tile around the toilet and it also means our cabinets will sit flush against the wall without the kick tile being in the way.

He'll also lay the mosaic and tile splash back in the laundry and powder room and finish all the grouting and then it'll be done!

It is looking really good so far and those yellow and cream mosaic floor tiles are just a distant memory!

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. Yay! You have a floor! The vanity/sink is the most exciting part to install IMHO. I can't wait to see how it all looks when you're done!

    1. Yes its so nice to have a floor and now a vanity and sink, I cant believe the dream has come to life :)


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