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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Garage Clean Up + My Fiance's Other Love

We have been tackling a few home improvement projects over the last few weeks, one of them was to give the garage a good clean out and then seal and paint the garage floor.

This is for Mr P's other love who is moving back in ...
Oh yes I might not have mentioned before Mr P has 3 loves in his life .....

There's yours truly the newly engaged fiance .... Then there's Lexi his adorable furbaby ....

Then there's the she-beast - A 1977 Toyota Celica that was driven over to the Jarrah Jungle home 5 years ago but sadly has never been driven since.

It has been parked in our lovely neighbors driveway for almost 2 years while we built the garage and laid the new driveway and now we are finally ready to bring home the she-beast!

But first, as Mr P famously said to me once (and I never let him forget it!) a beautiful woman needs beautiful things and so the she-beast had to get a clean, sealed and painted garage to move into!

We had a really good clear out and moved what we needed into the granny flat and the rest went on the verge for pickup - cupboards, our old BBQ, a bunch of homewares and within minutes they were gone, being taken to a new home!

Once the garage was empty we used our trusty pressure cleaner to get all the dirt and marks off and left it to dry. Then just before painting we used the vacuum to clean up any dust that may have blown in.

These 2 things we have used constantly since renovating - The Karcher vacuum cleaner and water pressure cleaner - both have been lifesavers and a great investment for doing jobs around the house.

Once the floor was clean, it was ready to be sealed and painted. 

For the paint we used an industrial heavy duty floor enamel paint tinted in charcoal to match the new driveway.

This paint was really strong smelling and we had to leave the garage door open a bit each night to let the fumes out.

Mr P did 2 coats over a few days and left it to dry for a week before we moved anything back in.

Once the floor was painted we could bring the she-beast to her lovely new home. Now that was a mission in itself as the car needs new tyres as the ones on it were worn down to the rims so we managed to find some new tyres and change them over, but then the car wouldn't start, so we had to tow it over from the neighbors house.

I was too scared to get into the car to steer because of the years worth of cob webs, spiders and creepy crawlys so our neighbour came to the rescue and steered while Mr P towed it in.

I think our neighbors deserve a case of wine for Christmas this year, not just a bottle!

Our next plans for the garage are to give the walls a bit of a freshen up with some Dulux Render Refresh paint, which repairs cracks in render. We have a few cracks appearing here in the garage so it will be good to fix those up and see what this paint is like and of course I'll share a product review on the Dulux paint here too!

We also want to set up some shelving and organisation so we can use it for storage, because where we currently storing everything in the granny flat will be demolished in the coming months as our plans to subdivide the block are in motion.

Does your partner have another love? 
Does it also have 4 wheels or is it something else? 
Do tell!

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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[All images my own]

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  1. I totally cleaned out our garage this past October and even dusted and mopped the floors in our garage extra good. I never thought about using a pressure washer on the floors, though... but, that is a great idea. I really love the dark color you used, that will cover a lot of stains, too!! I really need to repaint our garage, too... we have a peg board in our garage which I love and I want to buy some more pieces for it.

    1. There were a few stains on ours so the pressure cleaner helped with those and your right the dark paint will definitely hide any future stains! A peg board is a great idea :)


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