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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Best Travel Companions - ASUS Tablets

I had the opportunity to take the new ASUS tablets a MeMO Pad 7 and Transformer Pad with keyboard as my travel companions on my recent cruise holiday onboard Carnival Legend to give them a trial run.

We all know that travelling is not all roses and sunshine and part of the holiday is the journey to get there ..... this can mean waiting around at the airport, bored out of your brain, getting restless and impatient, and in need of something to do to pass the time.

In the good ole days we use to lug our heavy, clunky laptop around to backup photos and check emails and travel details, that's if you could get the internet.

Nowadays we all have smart phones which are fantastic for checking social media but I find the small screen isn't ideal for checking flight details and websites and the battery goes flat before the day is over because I use it for so many things. 

ASUS tablets as travel companions ....

The MeMO Pad 7 is geared towards keeping kids (and big kids!) entertained. We downloaded a bunch of games before we left home for Mr P to play on and play he did especially while waiting at the airport and on the flight as well.

They are pretty trendy looks wise and come in 5 bright colours.

I find it's the battery that determines how good a gadget is - the last thing you want is to have to hold back so your device lasts the day and you can use it when you need it.

This tablet's battery stood the time test and lasted all day, every day. We didn't shut it down just put it to sleep and it still lasted for days which was really impressive.

There are 2 cameras on the tablet - the rear camera has 5 mega pixels and the front camera (for selfies!) has 2 mega pixels.

The camera also has a few different features including a Time Rewind which takes 31 photos over 3 seconds which ensures you can get at least one good shot with everyone's eyes open and a smile on their face!

This tablet would be perfect for kids and ideal for taking on road trips to keep them amused in the car.

This was my favourite of the two tablets because it was the perfect size to carry around with me it fit in the palm of my hand and I used it to take photos and used the apps for social media and surfing the internet etc.

The Transformer Pad is a tablet with a keyboard, so while it's docked with the keyboard you can use it like a laptop, or you can unclip it and carry it around like a tablet.

It was simple to unclip the tablet from the keyboard so you can alternate between the two when you don't need the keyboard. It is much lighter and easier to carry around than your standard laptop.

It had a bunch of pre-loaded apps which was really useful and heaps of ways to customise it. They come in just two colours - black and white - I really liked the white, the subtle colour made using the keyboard easier.

We downloaded a few movies before leaving home and so glad we did because you had to pay for movies on the cruise ship, so with two sets of earphones and a big 10 inch HD screen we could both watch movies in the comfort of our cabin!

This tablet would suit anyone who needs a keyboard on the go, it's a much more affordable option of a tablet with a keyboard compared to others on the market.

This was Mr P's favourite tablet because he liked to use the keyboard, here he is checking emails from his office with a view on our cabins private balcony as the cruise ship docked in beautiful Sydney harbour! 

Both the MeMO Pad 7 and Transformer Pad are great value tablets and make for fantastic travel companions or Christmas gifts!

You can buy the ASUS tablets from JB-HIFI and Harvey Norman - The MeMO Pad 7 RRP $229 and Transformer Pad with keyboard RRP $429.

I have to say I'm officially converted and would use a tablet over my smart phone any day!

What's your favourite travel companion - laptop, tablet or smart phone?

Disclosure: Thanks ASUS Australia for loaning these tablets for review. I have not received any payment or compensation. As always, all opinions are my own.

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[All images my own]

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  1. I totally know what you mean about the battery on your iPhone going dead... I think its probably because I use my iPhone way too much, but still... :) I love how you can load games on these, this would be great for kids!!

    1. It drives me mad when my phone goes flat half way through the day and I still have social media fun to do!!
      These would be great for kids, I have put the smaller tablet on my Xmas list :)


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