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Friday, December 12, 2014

Toilet Turned Powder Room - Finishing Touches

The main work on the toilet renovation finished some time ago and we have been a little slow on adding the finishing touches to the room. 

All it took was a stop into Bunnings on the weekend for the mandatory hot dog and we picked out some fittings for the toilet. 

From the Mondella - Rococo range which is one of the more expensive brands but they look stylish and fit the small space perfectly. We paid $98 for the set of three, not bad for the quality and they come with a 5 year warranty too.

We decided to hang the towel ring from the side of the vanity rather than fit it to the wall because we don't want to take the attention away from the beautiful mosaics running from the vanity up to the ceiling.

We picked out both the towel ring and toilet roll holder because we had a feeling the towel ring was going to be too big .... sure enough it stuck out too much and swamped the little vanity so we ended up using a toilet roll holder instead and will return the towel ring for a refund.

It's the perfect size and nobody will know the difference, well besides you guys and the whole world because I've blogged about it! It holds the hand towel and that's the main thing. The bargain queen in me is also happy because it was a little bit cheaper too!

The toilet roll holder we put on the side wall so that it's hidden from view until you're inside the powder room and after months of having the loo roll sit on the top of the toilet it is so nice to have this fitted!

If only Lexi could show a bit more enthusiasm ....

Tell me is this toilet brush holder not the best thing ever? Fitting it to the wall means the floor is clear to mop and clean without having to move things around. We put it on the side where the drain is and so it's a bit more hidden from view. 

I may even spray paint the frosted glass holder to add a bit of colour and because I don't really like the idea of the brush holder being see through. I will wait and see how it wears!

All that's left to do now to finish the powder room is paint the new door we hung, find a mirror and decide whether to wallpaper the back wall so it ties in with the wall and door we are wallpapering in the laundry which is also part of this room.

I can't wait to do a final reveal and before and after of this Toilet turned Powder Room!

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  1. Nice idea with the toilet roll holder as a towel rail.

  2. Ha! Love it! I would never have guessed it was a toilet roll holder! Why not!

  3. Looking good! I do like the idea of the toilet brush being off the floor, it's so annoying to move to mop and I hate touching it unless I need to use it as well! I'd be spraying it too, who wants to see a toilet brush?!

    1. Exactly Megan I dont know why they make them see through! Will be spray painting it for sure!!


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