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Monday, December 15, 2014

Meeting With A Surveyor - To Subdivide Our Block

After the decision was made to subdivide our block - retain the house at the front and sell the block at the back, we had a meeting with a Surveyor company who was recommended to us by friends.

It took them just a few weeks to draw up the proposed subdivision plan and they have sent out paperwork for us to sign so we can get it submitted before the Christmas break.

I thought that subdivision was done through the local council but it's not, it's done through WAPC which stands for Western Australian Planning.

The surveyor company arrange everything including getting plans drawn up, obtaining all the relevant forms for us to complete, and seek approval from WAPC, the local council, and all the services like water, gas, etc.

The WAPC has 3 months to determine whether they agree to the subdivision and what conditions will be in place and then it will depend on how quickly we can meet those conditions.

The time frame could be 6-9 months from go to whoa to finish the sub-division process, which will be around September 2015.

In the meantime we can start to get the back block ready - first of all we need to pull down our big old rusty patio which has hosted many a party underneath it over the years!

Once the patio is gone which is attached to the Granny Flat, the Granny Flat can be cleared out and we need to find a home for our storage either by a small garden shed or in the garage.

We have been lucky enough to find a crane/truck driver who has offered to take the Granny Flat away for free - this is a win-win for both of us because it won't cost us anything and he can sell it and make some money. It will have to be craned over our house which is both terrifying and exciting all at once!

As much as I love organising and planning renovation projects it's actually a relief to know that the surveyor company is going to handle this project for us it takes the pressure off a bit and leaves me to focus on getting our Jarrah Jungle renovations finished!

Have you used a Surveyor to subdivide land?
How was the experience for you?

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  1. That sounds like a huge relief to me, too... more time for wedding planning for you! :)


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