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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Dismantling The Patio

We are making progress with clearing our block for subdivision and once we cleared out the Granny Flat it was time to dismantle and pull down the patio.

Our old rusty patio we were sure was going to fall down in the first year we moved in, it rattles and shakes and drops rust everywhere whenever it's windy enough, but what do you know it's lasted through all the wind and storms 5 years on!

We moved everything out of the way, the outdoor furniture is in storage, we gave away a lot of our building material and stored what we wanted to keep along the back fence. Pot plants, decor, even the BBQ we have relocated against the side of the house so it's under the shelter of the eaves of the house.

Everything will be relocated to either the courtyard at the front of the house or to our new deck and patio area once we finish building it. I already miss my Sunday night roast dinners in the Weber BBQ so hopefully it's not too long a wait!

Mr P got up on the ladder and popped the rivets out of each metal sheet, then pushed the sheets along one by one until they were all taken down. 

We have given all the sheeting to our neighbor who wants to re-use it to build something. This was a bonus for us as it's one less thing to put in the skip bin, we just passed it over the fence!

Next the steel framework was unbolted from the granny flat and taken down. Some parts needed to be cut down with a cordless metal saw.

Piece by piece and bit by bit and step by step ohhhh baby the patio was dismantled!

Now we can see nothing but blue sky, except when it rains of course then it's a grey sky and everything gets wet without the patio roof on!

We've made a temporary dog house for Lexi under the Granny Flat steps, I think she is going to miss her massive patio sized dog house just as much as we will.

Our next job is to pull up all the pavers and remove the two concrete septic tanks that are underneath - this was part of the conditions of subdivision that they be taken out. The tanks have already been decommissioned but we filled them with sand and rubble so they're going to be a real pain to dig up and remove, we might need to hire some machinery to do it.

Once the pavers and tanks are removed, we will get the truck and crane in to take the Granny Flat away.

The subdivision is progressing nicely although I already miss having our big patio to sit under with a glass of wine and a good book!

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  1. Your husband (to be) is working his tail off! Wow, one by one, eh? Those septic tanks so sound like a pain. It'll all be worth it tho, once you get it done!

    1. He is the hardest worker I know! We are going to tackle the tanks this weekend, wish us luck :)


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