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Thursday, May 28, 2015

DIY Bride - Photobooth + Guest Book Inspiration

Now I promise I won't turn into a gushing wedding blogger BUT if I have a cool creative crafty idea that is just too awesome not to share then I just can't help myself!

Which brings me to today's blog post and my latest wedding obsession - a photobooth for the wedding. 

I sourced quotes for photobooth hire and a 3 hour package starts at $700 and is about $100 an hour after that so we'd be looking at 5 hour hire for $1000.

I understand why it costs that much, it includes the booth set up/pack away, a photographer to take photos, lots of props, plus two copies of each photo and a digital copy as well. BUT this Bargain Queen just can't justify spending that much money on something I could do myself.

With the wedding budget it's all the little things that add up so every saving helps and when I worked out I can DIY a photobooth and guest book for less than $300, I figured it was a great place to save.

Here's how I plan to DIY a photobooth for under $300

I've researched online and can buy a brand new polaroid camera for under $100. 

It's the film that makes polaroids expensive, it's about $1 each photo so for 100 guests we're looking at $100 for the polaroid film. As most people will get a photo as a couple or group this allows some extra film if anyone wants to take home a polaroid picture for themselves.

For the camera and film I'll budget $200

Then there's the props which make it fun and make for some hilarious photos.

I already have a heap of props in my fancy dress box at home - hats, feather boas, flower leis, masks, etc. Plus I can DIY some custom made signs and messages on sticks there's so many free printables online like these ones

The props will cost me a big fat zero $0

To create the photobooth area I'll need a quiet nook with a small table which the reception venue will provide. 

I'll DIY a backdrop, this could be as simple as hanging a pretty piece of fabric or something more creative like strings of paper chains. 

For the backdrop I'll budget $30

As a double wammy the photobooth will also be our guest book.

I'm going to ask everyone to take their polaroid photo and glue it into the guest book and write a message for us. 

I have some fancy pens from the message in a bottle at our engagement party so just need a beautiful guest book with photo safe pages.

For the guest book I'll budget $50

I have a large blackboard I can decorate and write up the photobooth sign.

I'll design and print signs with instructions on what to do on my computer and printer at home and pop them in a photo frame.

I have the blackboard and frames from our engagement party so this won't cost me a cent $0

The only thing I won't have is someone standing there taking the photos but with the age of the selfie I'm sure it won't be a problem and everyone will have fun taking their own photos.

I'll allocate one person who is tech savvy to help load film or batteries, I guess that's where the bridal party come to the rescue don't they!

So the professional photobooth hire cost is $1000 
DIY photobooth and guest book will cost $280

I'm really excited about this project and it's something I can organise beforehand and drop off at the reception venue so it's set up and ready on the wedding day without too much fuss.

I think the DIY photobooth is my best wedding idea yet! 

What do you think?

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  1. Wow! This is something new, this was not the craze when I was getting married... it sounds so fun and such a great keepsake, too. I love that background for the Photo Booth, so colorful. Such a great idea and it'll be a fun time, too!


    1. It will be fun and a much cheaper option to DIY myself :)


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