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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

MobileZap - Mobile + Tablet Accessories

I had the paper book Vs e-book debate with myself for a long time before I finally succumbed to buying a tablet so I could download e-books.

Without an e-reader I wouldn't be able to access and read the amount of books I read and review, averaging about one a week, when I was reading hard copy books I was only getting through one a month.

After researching the best tablets on the market I decided on the Nexus 7 2013 tablet and while I mostly use it as an e-reader, I also use it for social media, checking emails and surfing the web as well.

I love that the screen is bigger and easier to use than my phone and it doesn't take ages to start up like my laptop - my tablet is definitely my favourite gadget.

But there are some things about the tablet that I find a little annoying .....

The screen is hard to type with because the keypad covers half the screen.

I also have problems with the charger not working, it just doesn't seem to connect and I leave it to charge only to come back hours later and see the battery has a sad 5% remaining because it's lost it's connection. 

MobileZap an online retailer based in New South Wales stocks accessories for all different brands of mobile phones and tablets and they sent me some accessories for my Nexus tablet.

I didn't need to wait by the mailbox for long, the products arrived in just a few days, very impressive for interstate delivery.

Their website is really easy to navigate and has heaps of information and reviews for each product - I always rely on customer reviews before buying something, I want to know if it works as it should and any pros and cons etc before making a decision.

I received the Hawara Bluetooth Keyboard and Cover and all I can say is I wish I'd had a keyboard for my tablet a long time ago!

It was easy to clip the keyboard onto the tablet, turn it on, then go through the bluetooth settings to connect it to my tablet and I was typing away in no time.

I find myself using the keyboard to type emails now it's much easier because half the screen isn't covered with the tablet keypad so you can see more.

You can fold the tablet down into the keyboard and it becomes a screen cover, which is really clever and looks a lot more stylish than my old lime green cover!

I also found it handy to use the keyboard as a stand so I don't need to hold onto the tablet or try to prop it up onto cushions like I usually do.

This was especially great for watching videos, I've been on YouTube for everything wedding lately - from watching first wedding dances to how to make my own wedding flower bouquet so this has been a big help to watch them hands free!

I also received a Qi Wireless Charging Dock and my days of frustratingly crouching down under the bed to plug in the charger only to find hours later it has come out and my tablet is now dead flat are over!

I had real issues with my charger not connecting and I discovered from reading reviews on the MobileZap website that this seems to be a known problem with these tablets and the standard charger.

This wireless docking station has solved that problem, I just sit the tablet on it, plug it in and it starts charging.

It didn't have an Australian power adapter so I had to plug it into an adapter to suit our power point, but that was no problem as I already had one from my travels overseas.

It acts like a stand to, so if I'm reading from a recipe I just pop it in the stand and it charges and I can read from it at the same time.

When I need to charge my tablet now I just place my tablet on the docking station, I find it so much easier than using a standard charger which has officially been packed away with the other redundant cables.

I was thinking I'd need to upgrade my tablet soon but with these accessories it feels like I have a whole new device and have pretty much turned my tablet into a mini laptop.

What's your favourite device to use - phone, tablet or laptop?

Disclosure: Thanks very much to MobileZap for providing me with these tablet accessories to review. I have not received any payment or compensation for this review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. That stand is SO cool and I am always using my tablet to pull recipes down from when I'm cooking in the kitchen. My husband has a keyboard for his iPad and loves it. I have a Kindle Fire and I've thought about getting a keyboard at some point for it. You always do the most thorough reviews!

    1. The keyboard and the charging dock both work as stands which is really cool, you will love a keyboard it does make it easier to email and anything that requires a bit more room to type. Thanks Carrie :)


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