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Friday, May 22, 2015

Jarrah Jungle - 5 Year Blog-versary

My blog turns 5 this week!


I want to start the blogversary celebrations by saying a big THANK YOU to all you guys,
my awesome readers for your support and encouragement over these years 

I can't believe I've been writing about my home renovations on Jarrah Jungle for 5 years now and I still have so much more to write about!

We hope to finish the renovations and projects on the house this year with September 2015 marking 6 years in the Jarrah Jungle home.

I have a dozen projects half done that I am determined to get finished so I can share them with you in the coming months and finally get those ugly befores and pretty afters up on the blog and update my House Tour!

As you know we plan to put our back block on the market to sell once we have finished with the subdivision process, possibly at the end of this year or early next year.

With the Jarrah Jungle backyard being divided in two, I want to document the subdivision process and how the retain and build turns out for us so I'll continue to blog about it here, if you're interested then stay tuned for more updates!

This year has and will be the most exciting of all with so many of our dreams and plans for the future turning into a reality and I feel that the hard work and sacrifices we've made over the years are now coming to fruition.

As for the future of the Jarrah Jungle blog .... it's not going anywhere!

My weekly book reviews are still going strong, I love getting books to review from Netgalley before they are published (if you have a blog you can do the same check out my blog post on how to be a book reviewer here).

My Book Club is going into it's 4th year and we have become such great friends it was the best decision I made joining a book club, if you've ever wanted to start your own book club check out my blog post here.

I have craft and creative projects on the go with the engagement and wedding and I'm currently working on some DIY projects which I'll share here on the blog soon.

Speaking of weddings ..... we're having a 10 month engagement which has been really exciting but it also means I've got less than 4 months left to plan the wedding and honeymoon!

If I've learnt anything from wedding planning so far it's how to manage my time, be super organised with spreadsheets and learn to juggle, all while sticking to a budget!

Thanks again to all my readers near and far for coming on this home loving journey with me and sticking around for a whopping 5 years now!

I have made some wonderful online bloggy buddies and have enjoyed seeing your blogs change and grow over the years it's an amazing community to be a part of  xx

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  1. Happy 5th year Blogiversary. Love reading and following on.

  2. Happy blog anniversary Michelle! I've enjoyed following your renovation and cooking adventures. Look forward to reading more!

  3. Congrats!!! Keep up the great work xxx

  4. Congratulations, Michelle. Here's to the next 5! Cheers from Carole's Chatter

    1. Thanks Carole, its been great having you come on this journey with me! x

  5. I've been reading your blog for awhile, I am not sure when I started... I've enjoyed it and look forward to more posts!


    1. Thanks Carrie it has been great having your support all these years! I always look forward to reading your sweet comments xx

  6. Happy blog versary Michelle.
    I have to have a catch up read. I love before and afters.
    My husband almost finished the laundry today - I'm ridiculously excited.

    1. Thanks Trish, lots of juicy before and afters here! Oh how exciting, I loved having a newly renovated laundry it made washing that bit more bearable :)


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