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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Book Review and Preview: Dinner Solved By Katie Workman

This is a cookbook review and sneak preview of Dinner Solved by Katie Workman that is due to be published by Workman Publishing on 11 August 2015.

Katie is the author of The Mom 100 Cookbook, the founding editor in chief of and a food writer publishing articles in magazines and websites. Katie lives in New York City with her husband and two children.

This is a cookbook aimed to tackle the problem of pleasing everyone at the dinner table without becoming a short order cook.

There are 100 recipes in this book and they use a 'fork in the road' recipe solution which makes it easy to turn one dish into two, such as mild and sweet ribs for the kids that can become spicy ribs for the adults.

What I really liked about this book was that Katie's personality came through as funny and witty, it was like she understands fussy eaters, and wants to please the kids as much as the adults. I also liked that there were photos of every dish so you know what each dish is meant to look like, this is so important in cookbooks, but sometimes lacking.

As the book is American, some of the ingredients are not familiar to me but the recipes look easy enough to adapt to different ingredients found elsewhere, be it Australia or anywhere else in the world.

As I only had the Kindle ereader version of the book, I will need to add a hard copy of this book to my bookshelf at home to really make use of the tasty recipes inside.

I recommend this book to any home cooks with fussy eaters that want to get dinner on the table that everyone will eat.

I give this book 4 stars out of  5

Jarrah Jungle's Star Rating:
1 Bad - I'd rather eat brussel sprouts topped with anchovies than read this again
2 Not Good - I'd rather watch paint dry than read this again
3 Ok - I'm sitting on the fence - its not great but not terrible either
4 Good - I'd give up a bottle of the worlds best champagne
5 Great - I'd pass up a date with Johnny Depp for this read

Dinner Solved can be purchased direct from Workman Publishing

Sharing my book review on Good Reads here and Netgalley

Disclosure:  NetGalley partner with bloggers such as me to help promote authors and their books and I was given this ebook published by Workman Publishing to review. As always, all opinions are my own.

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  1. That is neat that some of the recipes can be made for adults or downplayed for the kids! I have such picky eaters at my home!


    1. Great idea isnt it, also for fussy eaters too!


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