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Monday, June 8, 2015

My Top 5 Book Reviews - By Australian Authors

I can't believe this will be the third Monday I don't have a book review for you but I do have a good excuse - I've been reading the longest books lately and there is no time to finish a book a week like I usually do.

The book I'm reading for Book Club at the moment Cutting For Stone is over 500 pages and the month before Molokai was over 400 pages. Phew that's a lot of reading in a month! 

So because I don't have a book review for you, instead I'm going to share my favourite books I've reviewed that are written by some brilliant Australian authors.

Here are my top 5 book reviews by Australian authors:

The Book Thief is narrated by Death aka The Grim Reaper and tells the story of a young girl and her family in the midst of World War 11. This is the kind of book everyone should read, young and old, it really does tell an amazing life changing story.

This book established Markus Zusak as one of the most successful authors to come out of Australia. He has written a total of 5 books and lives in Sydney with his wife and kids.

2. King Of The Road - Nigel Bartlett

This book is not for the faint hearted, it's a thriller and suspense novel about child abduction.  It was fast paced and brilliantly written, I couldn't put it down. 

Sydney based author Nigel Bartlett is a freelance writer and editor and has worked for many of the best known publications in Australia. This is his first novel. 

This is a very funny book about politics, in a Bridget Jones style of writing, that will keep you engaged and interested (even in politics) until the very end.

Jessica Rudd is the daughter of our former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. She's had 3 career changes from Law, PR to Politics and now enjoys life as a writer and is based in Beijing.

This is a very entertaining and funny modern day romance about an unlucky in love 23 year old woman who signs up the services of her best friend's brother to teach her the art of seduction.

Avril Tremayne lives in Sydney and has written many novels with a similar theme - sexy, witty, modern romance novels like this one. 

This is a modern day young adult romance novel about life in a FIFO mining community in the outback of Western Australia.

Loretta Hill is from my home town of Perth, Western Australia and has become one of my favourite authors. She has written a total of 7 women's fiction books. 

You can see my Q&A interview with Loretta here and my review of her latest book The Maxwell Sisters here

I'm sure you'll like one of these books written by some real talented Aussies! 

Who's your favourite author?

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