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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

DIY Wedding Stationary Inspiration

I've been spending the last few weeks pouring over wedding blogs, stalking Etsy shops and pinning away on Pinterest like a crazy woman in an attempt to narrow down my wedding stationary design.

I'll admit it was easy to get swept up in all the beautiful designs and prettiness! 

While I like to get my craft on and be creative, I don't have fancy craft equipment, nor do I want to bribe my bridal party to spend hours making fiddly invitations with me, so I'm trying to keep them fairly simple and inexpensive to do myself.

I had such great success with DIY-ing my Engagement stationary that I'm going to use the Avery products again for the wedding.

But I want the designs to look different from one another and a bit more fancy as it's the wedding stationary.

When it comes to the complete wedding pack and what to include there's a lot to think about and trust me I'll never look at another wedding invitation the same now that I know how much time and effort goes into it! 

This is what I want to include in our wedding pack: 

Reply Postcard
Social Media information
Gift information
Belly band
Address and Return address labels
Monogram labels

Phew that's a lot of designs and stationary when you list it all together!

I did a lot of research on the layout of the invitations, from formal to casual styles, there is a lot to consider even down to what order names are listed and what not to put on the invitations but to provide separately (ie: extra information such as gifts, social media, wedding apps, accommodation etc).

Once I was happy with the design of the invitation and after multiple draft print runs and Mr P's approval, I used that same design on all the different stationary - the font, size, colours, and our monogram initials which I downloaded for free from Wedding Chicks

Now that I have my designs all worked out I'm on the look out for pretty paper to make the belly bands (a new word I didn't know existed until a few weeks ago!), envelopes and embellishments.

Then I can hit the print button and share our wedding stationary pack with you!

Did you DIY your wedding stationary?

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  1. Oh, I remember picking out my wedding invites! I actually had a lady at my work make them, she loved making cards. I really lucked out there. The invite with the little mini bunting is so cute!


    1. I found it so hard to narrow it down to just one design! I priced some on Etsy but they were just too expensive, so that is great you found someone to do yours :)

  2. always love a bit of diy!!!!!

  3. We threw a surprise wedding at our beach engagement party. Hubby was sent to sea just after he proposed and arrived home two days before the big day. I honestly can't remember how I approached the invites or anything else. 20 years in November, it might be time for a do over.

    1. I love that idea! Everyone kept asking us if the engagement party was going to be a surprise wedding, I don't know why they thought we would do a sneaky thing like that! x


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