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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wedding + Honeymoon = Blogging Break

With my wedding just a few days away and then I'll be honeymooning around the USA I'm signing off the blog for the rest of the month.

After 10 months of planning everything for the wedding is organised and I'm really happy with how it's come together - being my own wedding planner was so much fun I really loved it. Most importantly I can't wait to be married to Mr P, the man of my dreams, and then he can officially call me wifey!

Our suitcases are packed for our honeymoon which will be a long 20+ hour flight to get from Aussie Land over to the USA. I'm so excited for this trip it's always been a dream to go to New York and Mr P and I have worked so hard to get there I can't wait!

My house sitter is ready to move in and the fridge is stocked with wine and chocolate in appreciation.

Our fur baby Lexi is in good hands and will be absolutely spoilt by our dog sitter .... I don't think she'll even notice we've gone!

Take care everyone have a wonderful few weeks and I'll see you next month!

You can find me over on my Instagram and Facebook pages until I'm back on the blog! 

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  1. Oh, have fun fun fun in NYC! I will def. be stalking your IG page! I am SO excited for you! It has been fun following your blog this long and now you are getting married! Yay! CONGRATS! Too bad I live in a flyover state that isn't super exciting, or we'd have to meet up!



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