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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

eDesign Mood Board - Jungle Nursery

I've designed my first eDesign mood board which I'm really excited to share with you.
I created the mood board using Polyvore and found a great round of how to posts on House Tweaking. If you've ever thought of designing an electronic mood board then Polyvore is the way to go I found it really easy to use and a lot of fun too!
This is one of my designs for a boy's jungle themed nursery and I'm proud to say the Mum to be absolutely loved it. I've seen the after photos of the room and let me tell you seeing the vision and inspiration come to life and being the one who created the shopping list for them to pick up some bargains and bring the room together on a budget was such a great feeling. Hopefully this will be the first of many of these eDesign projects :)
Now remember, I don't have kids of my own so I wasn't sure how I'd go sourcing nursery furniture and decor but as it turned out I did a pretty damn good job if I don't say so myself!. And I admit it I had a lot of fun doing it as well there is so much cute stuff out there for kids rooms. If I had kids I think I'd be redecorating their room every year!
So check out my first eDesign mood board ...

Ektas Jungle Nursery
1. Art ideas - There are some really cool wall mounted animal heads that you can get from Etsy which would add interest having different textures and dimensions coming off the wall. Putting a frame around the head or an object will really enhance it as well. The art work can be hung above the cot, high enough out of reach of little hands.

2. Cot - A similar wooden cot was already purchased for the room so my design was based around incorporating that piece of furniture. I picked out similar dark tones of green and blues for the rest of the furniture - chair, ottoman and even the rug so it would work together.
3. Lamp - A bedside lamp is a must for night time and can sit out of reach on top of a set of drawers. Keeping with the jungle theme this Jonathon Anadler lamp would be a bit of a splurge and I also found a more reasonably priced Target jungle themed lamp shade.
4. Nursing Chair and Ottoman - I suggested buying a chair so comfortable you could fall asleep in it (and probably will!) something with a high back and padded arms. An ottoman with a lid to rest your feet on that doubles as storage for toys etc down the track is a good idea.
5. Rug - A patterned or striped rug will go well with this theme and hide any marks or stains. Because the floorboards and cot are dark wood I suggested a lighter coloured rug to lighten up the space.
You can see the mood board on Polyvore here with links of where you can buy the items.

So, tell me I'm dying to know - what do you think of my mood board?
Any improvements or suggestions for the next one?
I'd love to hear some feedback!

[Image via Polyvore collage my own]
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  1. Fabulous! Oh that tufted wingback chair had me at hello...LOVE! Polyvore is so much fun isnt it? x

    1. Thanks Anna yes I absolutely love the style of the chair. Polyvore and me are now officially BFFs ;)

  2. I thought this was your way of saying there was going to be a nursery in the Jarrah Jungle ;) I love the animal heads and the lamp. My little boy would have absolutely ruined that gorgeous chair... he threw up after every feed and ruined my cheap Ikea nursery chair! It looks like velvet or suede? Love the colour, just gorgeous.

    1. haha yes it does sound a bit that way but theres no pitter patter of little feet on the horizon for this one. Decorating other peoples rooms on the other hand I can do :) Oh no about the chair, yes its velvet, it might need to be covered with a rug for a while then! Thanks for the tip :)

  3. AnonymousJuly 11, 2013

    Pretty cool I must say - to cot looks like the one I had for all my three! However, the head is my favourite!

    1. Thats great your cot lasted you for all 3 little ones! The head is adorable isnt it :)

  4. I love it! Especially the chair & ottoman x

  5. Love it! I like that it's clean and modern and not so cutesy. Sometimes, I feel like all nursery decor is super themed and cutesy and just no fun at all.
    I LOVE these new plastic/plaster/what-ever-they-are-FAKE animal heads people are using in their decor. I think they're just funky and clean and crisp. I showed one to the hubs . . . and he truly could not understand why anyone would hang a fake trophy when you could just hang a real one . . . hence the dead deer head in our office space -_- Oh well . . . men.
    Can't wait to see more of your ideas on your board!
    And SO excited seeing all of your kitchen work! It's going to be so gorgeous!!! XD I've been able to keep up a little bit on facebook, but it's great seeing it in blog world again!
    Have a fabulous week (or weekend!)!

    1. Thanks so much for your feedback. I agree with the cutesy thats not my style either.
      Im obsessed by animal heads at the moment and just bought a ceramic rhino hook which is so cool I cant wait to hang it. Cant believe you have a real one in your home, I think Ill stick to the fake ones for now!
      Thanks its great to have you back in blog land :)

  6. fun! keep up the good work! I find creating these is addicting:)


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