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Friday, November 25, 2016

Subdivision Progress: Backyard Side Fence Removal

Our plans to subdivide our backyard are still moving along with another job ticked off the to do list - to remove the old dividing fence between our neighbor's backyard and our backyard. 

Back in July the right hand side of backyard fence was removed and a new limestone retaining wall and colourbond metal fence installed. At that time we were still waiting for our neighbor's agreement to go ahead with doing their side of the fence which they have now agreed to which is great news.

This fence on the left hand side of the backyard is really long about 40 meters and it's made of asbestos which is very dangerous if the fibers become airborne so the fence was treated during the week by the neighbor spraying it with bondcrete which helps to contain the fibers if the fence panels break when they're being removed.

Here is the fence which as you can see had all but fallen down as it's over 50 years old .....

We decided to all muck in and remove the old fence together to save money - this way we didn't need to pay anyone to remove it only the rubbish tip fees to dispose of the old fence.

Mr P, my brother and the neighbor all donned their safety gear and armed with shovels and muscle power, dug out the fence panels and loaded them onto the back of the ute. We put a wooden palette on the back of the ute and then stacked the fence panels on top then wrapped the whole package in heavy duty plastic and marked it with asbestos tape. We had to do two trips to the rubbish tip and the ute drives onto a weigh bridge and they charge you per tonne - ours came to a total of $150. 

There's a funny story about our land and the neighbors - there use to be a laneway that ran along the side here and the council didn't want it anymore and so the neighbor purchased the extra piece of land along the laneway but never moved his fence. So when we put the new fence in it will actually need to come across almost a metre into our backyard space! 

The dirt filled backyard is ours and the lovely green lawn and garden side is the neighbors.

We have put up a makeshift fence along the side until we get the proper retaining wall and fence installed.

Slowly but surely our subdivision plans will be finished once the new fence is installed as it's the last thing we need to do which is pretty exciting!

Have you tackled any renovating projects around the home lately?

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