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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Antique lovers paradise

James Street in Guildford is an antique lovers paradise. There are so many yester-year shops to browse through and just enough cafes in between for a shopping recharge coffee break! 

My lifelong friend (and Bargain-Hunting Queen) spent Saturday hunting through these antique shops with me. We stepped into a different era and wanted to know the story behind everything.... Where the tiny old bottles were found and what was inside them. How freakin long it'd take to press out the wrinkles with those solid irons (I struggle with my electric iron to do a good job!). Tupperwear doesn't even come close to the character of the old kitchen canisters (and to think I nearly turned down my Mum's retro set). The old furniture built to last many many years (no Ikea instructions included).

We browsed for hours looking at all the knicknacks, and although I only came home with some baskets and an old painting its refreshing to bring home something old instead of new, its like you've given it a new lease of life!

[Image via Jones of  Guildford 

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  1. My friend and I have been talking for ages about having a morning wandering around Guildford, we really must get onto it!


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