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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween: Decor and Inspiration

I know we don't really celebrate Halloween in Australia but I wish we did after seeing all the cool Halloween posts going around lately. Just check out this setup by my favourite couple at Young House Love. Proof that an endless collection of white shiny ornaments has many purposes!

Have you ever seen pumpkins like these snapped by the gorgeous Tieka of Selective Potential? I've only ever seen them in the supermarket and they are more grey than orange. An old housemate even bought orange paint to paint a pumpkin to make it look authentic but gave up when the knife snapped trying to carve it!

Ok so the way I see it the best excuse I have is to throw a party but I've left it a bit too late this year (distracted by my recent holiday no doubt!) but there's plenty of time to start planning for next year. I'm not so into the plastic fantastic decorations but more with a modern twist like these from good ole Martha Stewart.


Does anyone else get their place ready for Halloween? 
Do you get any trick-or-treaters? 
Do tell!

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  1. I think Halloween's far bigger in the States than in Canada. Here it's more popular with families and kids (or drunk students wanting to dress as Goose & Maverick for the night).

    But! An annual trip to the pumpkin patch is definitely worthwhile. Surely pumpkins can't be in season for you? Where are the grey guys coming from?

  2. Yes well any excuse to dress up and play up and I'm in!
    We just dont have that kind of pumpkin patch here in Western Australia. Our greys are called 'Queensland Blue' grey on the outside but don't worry they are orange on the inside!

  3. Aww, thanks for the little feature! I always take for granted we have the simple pleasures of pumpkins - it's so funny to see what everyone has had to say on it!

  4. I adore Young House Love's blog. Yours is so cute, too! Since I have a small apartment, we decorated a small credenza with our halloween and autumn themed decor. It's just enough to be festive, but not too cluttered! I think Lauren's right...Halloween is much bigger in the States! At my home in California, we get many little trick-or-treaters in their princess, cheerleaders, ghosts and vampire costumes! So fun (:


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