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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Living Room As It Is

How exciting we’re starting on our next room The Living Room. We want to paint it, move the aerial, remove the old wall unit air conditioner (as we've had ducted installed) and then the fun part buying new furniture. I’ll be so stoked if it’s done by Christmas and I’ve been assured and promised and given lots of exasperated sighs meaning of course it’ll be done by Christmas that's weeks away. Please please please I hope so! Not being able to watch TV will no doubt be motivation to get this room done in double time as I just don't know how I'll live without Packed to the Rafters or Master Chef.

So you can get an idea of how the room looked BEFORE this is us before we moved in sanding the floorboards back and sealed them with Tung Oil.
From this side of the room you can see the front door on the left (still taped with plastic from sanding), the white door on the right takes you into the kitchen area and the alcove is where the TV goes.

This is the view you get from the kitchen with the front door on the right and looking out the gorgeous big window to the street view. We've since replaced the blue venetians with timber blinds and had the huge pine trees removed from the front as they were overshadowing the house and becoming dangerous.

This is the back wall facing the TV alcove with the kitchen through the doorway. This is how we've had the living room set up for the past 12 months. That ugly black cord trailing across the wall to the other side is the TV aeriel which we plan to relocate to the TV alcove. There use to be a fireplace against the wall where the couch is but they bricked it in years ago and rebuilt the wall so I'd say that's why the TV use to be used from there.

The 2 fish tanks on the stand we've sadly passed onto friends as they were a bit too much maintenance with the house renos we're trying to tackle and we don't really have the room for them. We've kept 1 (yes we had 3) which is currently in the 'Man Room' and my plan is to move it into the dining room. But the kitchen has to be renovated first so that may take some time!

OK so that's the BEFORE and AS IT IS. After the weekend I'll be able to show you some DURINGS and hopefully before Christmas the AFTER. How excitement.

Does anyone else have renos or any projects your keen to get finished before Xmas?  
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  1. How exciting! Hope it's all sorted out by Christmas for you and that you get your TV back sooner, especially with this week's Rafters episode. The TV alcove will be great for all your entertainment stuff and what a lovely big window you have to let in lots of light. Can't wait to see your room progress - be sure to share some piccies!!

  2. That is absolutely exciting! I can't wait to see how it goes! Have a lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  3. I've got floor sanding on my to-do list as well... How was it to use the machine? I've heard horror stories, but somehow I can't imagine it to be a monster to use.

    Your house is coming along so well! Glad to know there's someone else in the same boat as me. ;)

  4. We hired the machine and its like a lawnmower you turn it on and it starts to move forward so you've just got to be strong enough to hold it straight and let it sand away.

    Thanks yes it is, we can follow one another and offer humour when necessary!

  5. I hope the floor process goes well for you. We once did a small area in my brother's house. It looked lovely when done, but was nerve-racking in the process! We need to do our floors too so I'm excited to see your outcome!


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