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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Slumberland Heaven

Wayyyyyy back when I first started this blog I mentioned that I desperately wanted some curtains for the bedroom, the timber blinds we hung through the house look great but in the bedroom more of a blockout was needed if I was to get any kind of sleep in. Grumble.

The first problem was deciding what type of curtains. I liked the look of the silver eyelets and also figured if we were going to get curtains they be good quality block out to keep the sunlight out.We decided on white as we thought grey may clash with the grey walls and black would hide the bed and make the room closed. in. We looked everywhere until Curtain Wonderland a new store opened up its doors and at their opening sale we bought 3 packs of their white eyelet block out curtains for $70 each (usually $99).

The second problem was finding brackets for the rods, as mentioned many months ago we bought 2 chrome curtain rods at a bargain price because one was missing brackets and we thought it'd be easy pesy to find brackets and we were making a huge saving. Well we asked at every Textile Traders store, every curtain place we went to, and even Bunnings but they didn't have the size brackets we needed. In desperation I emailed Textile Traders asking if they could order some in for me and I was told that they had some spares they would post for me. It gets better. FREE. They arrived the very next day. You can't beat that for customer service.

Now they were finally ready to be hung up.

All my research tells me hang them high and wide but not too short that they are half way up the wall. As our windows are so big and ceilings so high we decided to bolt them to the window frame instead of the wall to give them maximum length to the skirting board. So the brackets were screwed in and measured with a string line and the cutest little level to make sure they were straight. Then the rods went up, they're retractable so you just pull them out until they're the right size, threaded the curtains on, screw the balls on the end and their done.

 We all love a good before and after right? Well hows about a before, during, after and now!




What do you think?

They've made a massive difference to the room, really softened the all timber blinds look and made it much more flowy and romantic. Not to mention I just had The.Best.Sleep.In.Ever. Mission Accomplished. Pin It Now!


  1. It looks fabulous and the white looks great in your room! Maybe I'll have to check out this curtain place myself since I'm in the middle of curtain dilemas here at our place :) You must smile each time you walk past your bedroom seeing those lovely drapes hanging!

  2. Hooray! Don't yo love it when that happens? I have had this happen once to me and that company (Rust-O-Leum) now has a lifelong customer!

    Your windows look amazing! well done and on a budget. Well done indeed! xo

  3. I LOVE white!! It all looks really nice :-)


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