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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nate Berkus

This morning our local radio station Nova interviewed the super sexy Mr Nate Berkus. He definitely has a face for TV, not radio!

There’s a bit of Oprah hype going on here with her visit to Oz next month. Sadly only Sydney will get to host her shows but I’m sure they’ll broadcast it live for the rest of Oz to watch (they bloody better!).

So back to Nate, he’s a fantastic designer who has his own TV show and next month it will start airing on our pay TV network. Woo hoo! If ever there was a reason to sign up for Foxtel this is it with all those lifestyle channels I’ll be in 7th heaven.  A justified reward once we get the living room finished me thinks, so I better get back to sanding those walls ...

Image via Nova
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  1. Oh I absolutely love Nate! His new show is pretty good. Yes, I confess that I mostly watch him just so I can look at him. :-D

  2. Yes most definitely a good enough reason to sign up for Foxtel!!! Although I think if I did I might never finish all my projects - I could just see myself never shifting off the couch!!! Hope you're having a good week Michelle!

    Christine x

  3. I heard on the radio this morning that he was admitted to the hospital with appendecitis or something. Hope he's ok!

  4. Hi Michelle...stumbled across your blog through Sarahs blog..My First Place..always great to meet more fellow Aussies here in the blogsphere.
    P.S Loving gutted I didnt get tickets to Oprahs show here..but will definitely be glued to the set ;)


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