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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Glorious Glossy Goodness

I admit it I can't get enough of home magazines ... the shiny covers, pretty layouts, pictures of other peoples homes that I swoon over and soaking up ideas I'd love to do in my place. But this little luxury can't go on forever when your paying about $7 a pop and if like me you buy one or two a month I sometimes think I'd be better off saving up and buying a gorgeous design book instead. A hardback that I can keep forever.

That was until I discovered the savings you make on a magazine subscription. I just signed myself up for another year with Real Living, plus it came with 3 issues of Australian Good Food all for $49.95. That works out to $1.25 each for the 15 magazines, compared to $7 each. That's a damn good deal if you ask me!

And because I'm just a little bit greedy I also asked for Christmas from my Kris Kringle a years subscription to Australian House and Garden so I've now got not 1, not 2, but 3 glorious glossy goodness coming to my mail box next month. You can tell I'm just a wee bit excited can't you!

Which magazine can't you resist buying as soon as it hits the shelves?

[Images and subscriptions from magshop]
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  1. My weakness is the UK Homes & Gardens...such a nice mix of styles and there's always drool-worthy gardens to dream about having. I couldn't take waiting for the book stores to come in with the newest ones, so I paid an arm and a leg to have it delivered to me in Canada. It's my little splurge! :)

    The Australian House and Garden looks so good too...I'm going to have to get a second job just to afford my magazine habit!

  2. How exciting to have all those magazines to look out for in your letterbox - Real Living is my all time favourite - am still contemplating whether or not to get a subscription myself as I buy it EVERY month :)


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