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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Living Room is Prepped

I've been a bit quiet on the living room progress but I have been working at it bit by bit. We've done quite a bit since filling in the hole left by the old air conditioner, you can read more about that little fiasco here.

We took down our timber blinds so they didn't get dusty or paint splattered and up when the trendy renos blinds ... newspaper. Not exactly the look I was going for our kerb appeal but there's not much you can do about it!

We spent 11 hours sanding and filled the gaps in the floorboards (these give my blog it's name Jarrah Jungle so got to look after those babies!)

We've filled in all the holes in the walls with filler and sanded it back smooth. The suede effect paint on the 2 feature walls had to be sanded back as well otherwise you'd see the texture through the new paint colour.

The paint wasn't peeling in this room so we just went along the skirting and ceiling with a tube of gap filler to give it a smooth, sealed finish.

We painted on a smelly oil based sealer/binder paint onto the suede effect walls, skirting boards and ceiling edge, basically anywhere we'd taken it back to bare plaster as it needs an oil base to penetrate the plaster so the paint will stick.

The ceiling was lifted and you can read about that mammoth job here, then it got a light sand and 2 coats of ceiling white. We've been using Nipon ceiling white and just went back to Bunnings to get another tub and they've stopped stocking it. Thanks for the warning guys! Luckily we managed to grab the very last one so the 2nd coat will match. Lucky!

And that's where we are at right now, just about ready to paint the walls. All the walls in the house are being painted Mountain Peak, British Paints colour but we have it tinted in Dulux.  I want a feature wall behind the tv as there's the perfect alcove for it, so I might have to ask for some advice on that soon.

The prep takes the looooooooooooooooongest time doesn't it?
But we are getting there!
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