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Friday, January 14, 2011

My Wish For The Queensland Flood Victims

My thoughts are with the Queenslanders experiencing devastating floods this week. 

Thankfully the water is finally receding. Floods have now hit other parts of our country New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania. Carnarvon in my State is still recovering from the floods that hit them just before Christmas.

I've travelled to all of these States and have been to some of the places now underwater and cannot imagine what it must be like for everyone living there.

My wish for all is that they can salvage if not their homes then their spirit to build and hope and dream again

Just imagine what it would be like to lose everything you scrimped and saved and worked so hard for. The impact this will have on small businesses and farmers losing their crops and cattle after battling drought for so long. It really is devastating. Most insurance wont cover 'Acts of God' like this so every bit we can do will help.

I'm not going to the movies this weekend, I'm not going out for a meal, I'm not buying any new clothes, I'm donating instead. 

That's all it takes people, please go here to donate.

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  1. This is such a good idea and great way to give. This post is beautiful and you write with so much compassion! My prayers go out to the victims.


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