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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mid Week Blooms

These flowers I picked up from one of the florists on Beaufort St, the yellows (not sure what they're called) were $5 and the sticks $1 which help to fill out the bunch.

How adorable is this owl vase? I picked it from Allure (also on Beaufort St) thinking it would make a quirky pen  holder but unfortunately its too deep for that. Theres something about white glossy ornaments that I just can't walk past at the moment .... my collection is growing shamelessly!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!
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  1. That little Owl vase is WAY too adorable for it! Hope you are having a great week lovely x

  2. Cute vase! I love Beaufort Street flowers, was thinking of taking a trip that way soon just for the sake of getting a bunch :)

  3. Yay my favourite colour yellow and I agree with Anna, cute vase. You can never go wrong with an owl x

  4. the yellows look like Chrysanthemums!!

    gorgeous vase!



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