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Monday, February 7, 2011

Point and Shoot

When: Saturday, 5 February 2011 @ 3.15pm
Where: Malaga Markets

Saturday was all about shop shop shopping! Rug hunting, furniture shopping for a glass coffee table and  mirrored side table and admiring light fittings (why do I always want the expensive ones not on sale?), Bunnings for wallpapering supplies (oh yes more on that later!). Then we popped into the Markets for a nice strong coffee and a walk around the stalls. I was admiring the bonsai trees and made some hints about Valentines Day (wouldn't that be a romantic gift nurturing a little tree to grow). We left with bags full of fresh fruit, veggies and herbs and went home and made the most delicious chicken and salad burger.

I'm back to playing Point and Shoot (apologies for missing last week!) and you can see some more over at at Fat Mum Slims blog.
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  1. Great shot! I love the fresh fruit & veg markets ( and the coffee that goes with it!!)

  2. A bonsai really would make the perfect Valentine's gift! x

  3. I love the colours that real fresh fruit & vegies have..

  4. Love me some markets! Such a feast for the senses! x


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