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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Travel Bug - Remembering Spain

I've really felt the travel bug starting to nibble at me lately ..... 

I always have to have a holiday planned for the year ahead so it's something for me to save for and gets me through the stress of my job and the hard work I put in to know that I'm working towards having a well deserved break.

Last year Mr P and I jetted off to Spain for a few weeks.

I keep coming back to the first few nights of our trip in Madrid where I stayed at my first 5 star hotel and sat on the rooftop with my love and sipped champagne while watching the sunset.

I wish I was here right now ... I'll be back one day very soon Spain!

How do you beat the travel bug?

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1 comment:

  1. oOoOo can understand why you wish you were there right now - it looks divine!!

    it's been 3 months since i got back from england and i tell you, it feels like well over a year!

    so where are you planning on heading to next?



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