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Friday, February 10, 2012

My Apartment Before and After

So the tenants I picked didn't need the apartment to be furnished after all so there goes my furnishing ideas out the balcony doors! I thought I'd share some before and after photos of the apartment, from when I lived there with splashes of blue and green walls to how it looks now freshly painted and ready for the tenants to move in - I had someone else do the painting and install the blinds, I have my hands full enough with the Jarrah Jungle without taking on more work!

Before - Kitchen / Dining Area

After - Kitchen / Dining Area freshly painted

Before - Bedrooms with grey blinds and plum walls

After - Painted neutral and new white vertical blinds

After - Even the trees have grown and funky new blue lights in the pool

Its like a clean slate now, fresh and neutral and ready for the tenants to move in and turn into their own abode.
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  1. The kitchen looks like it has lots of cupboard for an apartment. I liked how the colour made it look retro with the black and white floor. The white makes it look more modern and spacey.

  2. *love* it! if i was single i'd rent it in a heartbeat!!


  3. What a nice improvement! From a colorful yet striking theme, it boiled down to a subtle white color which extended even to the kitchen and the bedroom. It returned to its formal theme, which I'm sure everyone will love.

  4. The bedroom is just so noble! I like the bedsheet. The before and after pictures let you compare not just the beauty, but also the concept and style of the one who conceptualized it. How long did it take for you guys to finish organizing?

  5. Thanks ladies, it took about 4 weeks for the painting and new blinds to be finished, and the tenants are now moved in and enjoying their neautral abode!

  6. If I may ask, how do the new tenants feel about their new living space? It feels rejuvenating to be in an empty slate, where you have the freedom to DIY some of the improvements, don't you think?

  7. They love it and have definately turned into their own space


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