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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Courtyard Garden: Pebble Garden + Rain Chain Project

Since the paving and grass was laid in the courtyard Mr P and I have been impatiently waiting for a run of warm sunny days so that the limestone pavers will dry out enough for us to seal them BUT it keeps raining every few days! Damn you Winter!!

We can't put any pot plants or furniture on the pavers until they are sealed because we don't want to risk staining the pavers or marking them.

It's taking all my restraint not to put out the new outdoor furniture and set it up all nice with a side table, outdoor lanterns, candles and decor.

I picked up two of these double acapulco chairs for a steal at Kmart a few weeks ago (similar to our blue chairs) and they were just $29 each! I also grabbed a few outdoor cushions as they were just $6 each. Bargain Queen strikes again!!

So we've decided that there are some projects we can go ahead with 
and do now that will keep us off the pavers ....

We can plant out the pebble garden bed as there's no risk of us staining the pavers if we cover it with plastic as we work. 

We are on the look out for some large feature pots to go into the garden bed, hardy plants to take the full sun and little water and then we'll fill up the garden bed around the pots with pebbles.

Another project we can tackle now is to finish our rain chain feature.

We put this in because the new down pipes on either side weren't coping when it rained heavy so the roof plumber suggested we install a rain chain which is basically a hole in the gutter with a chain attached so the rain follows the chain down into a feature pot and the pot is connected to drainage and goes directly into a soak well.

I will share a full How to on installing a rain chain once it's finished and looking good!

I can't wait to get out into the courtyard and tackle these projects this weekend!

What's been happening in your garden lately?

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  1. I hope you can start working on setting pots and decorating on top of the pavers soon. I had to laugh when you said it was winter there, it looks so sunny and nice! ;) I really love the double acapulco chairs from Kmart, especially with the pillows.


    1. It has been a bit sunny but still cold and the courtyard gets all the morning sun so its a great spot to be in winter! Me too especially when my friends keep asking when they can come and have a drink in the new courtyard and I tell them I need to get some plants and seating out there first!

  2. I love the idea of those pots catching all the rain and then emptying into the drain, how clever! It looks so bright and sunny and yet it is winter in the southern hemisphere, that never fails to amaze me...and we are right in the middle of three short months of summer:) Love the layout of the pavers with the grass!All the best with your projects! Hugs, Poppy

    1. We do get a lot of sunshine and bright skys even in the winter months here :) Thanks for stopping by Poppy!

  3. Looks awesome so far! I can't wait to see how the rain chain turns out when it's working. xx

    1. Thanks Sarah, we really need to get it done soon as we've had some heavy rain lately!


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