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Friday, July 8, 2016

1920's Murder Mystery Party Planning

My friends love a good themed party and I love to get involved and help with the party planning - so today I'm sharing my latest party planning venture an 1920's Murder Mystery Party thrown for a friends 50th Birthday.

The Murder Mystery game Murder at the Four Deuces we found online at Dinner and a Murder - we picked this one because it had great reviews, a forum with helpful advice from other users and it was cheaper than the box kits you buy as you download and print everything yourself (although they do sell the box kits as well).

I have played a few Murder Mystery games but always from a box kit and everyone has to solve the murder in teams.

This style of Murder Mystery was very different - everyone was assigned a character before the party so you know who you had to come dressed as and what you had to do and you worked individually.

I really loved this version of the game it was a lot more fun and interactive and got everyone involved and playing out a character.

The gangsters, gamblers, inspectors, flappers and more!

We also hired a host for the night to co-ordinate the event and it is well worth the cost to do this as it means all the guests can enjoy themselves and let the host keep everyone on track and host the game.

The invitations I made using the Avery design and print online and printed them on Avery invitations I had leftover from my wedding stationary. I kept the design simple in black and white and put them in black envelopes with matching address and return address labels (the labels are also an Avery design). 

Once everyone had RSVP'd they were assigned a character and sent their character booklet which explained who they were to come as, how they should dress and the part they will play.

We hired a stunning house for the party via Airbnb which had a real retro feel to it which fit with the 1920's theme perfectly. It's such a great idea to hire a house for the night it really made the party that bit more exciting being in a different environment.

The house owners let us come over the night before and set up all the party decorations which was fantastic because then the night of the party we just had to show up, light the candles and get the food and drinks ready.

The Murder Mystery setting was in Chicago in 1922 at "The Four Deuces - Speakeasy" which is a club that serves alcohol at a time of prohibition when alcohol was banned. 

You had to knock three times and say a password to enter the front door. The host welcomed everyone and handed out goodie bags with an extra copy of the character booklet, name tag and fake money.

At the front of the house we put out tealight candles in decorated jars leading up the steps to the front door and a blackboard which read A LITTLE PARTY NEVER KILLED NO-ONE. Inside as you entered the front door you were greeted with empty boxes, wine bottles, and signs I found on Pinterest and printed out plus some signs like the Four Deuces came with the Murder Mystery game. 

We stuck to a classic colour theme of - black, white and gold.

For a table centerpiece we spray painted empty wine bottles with a gold spray paint, filled them with feathers and wrapped pearls around the bottles.

The small jars with ribbons and lace were used to hold candles and these were scattered all around the rooms (I DIY these for my engagement party).

Empty boxes were in the living room with alcohol labels on them that I designed on the computer, printed out and stuck on the boxes. The boxes were also filled with empty wine bottles.

On the TV we had black and white silent movies playing and for music we had jazz playlists on an ipad that we played through speakers. The movies and music created a perfect ambiance and really set the scene.

In another living room we set up the photobooth flower backdrop (I DIY for my wedding), with an old wooden box filled with props, we had 2 polaroid cameras with film and a guest book which everyone wrote messages in and stuck the polaroids into.

The jail sign I designed on the computer, printed out and had laminated. The photobooth and guestbook signs I found on Pinterest and printed out and framed in gold frames.

Outside on the balcony overlooking the pool we set up a tressle table for the food and drinks. 

The food was 1920's themed using the names of some of the characters. The menu I designed on the computer, printed and framed in a gold frame. We served MeMe's devilled eggs, Prohibition pizza, Big Al's Frankfurts, Golden Age finger sandwiches, Big Daddy's sausage rolls, Gatsby stuffed mushrooms, Roaring twenties crudites with dips, Roasted nuts and olives. 

The drinks were in the bar fridge with glasses nearby. The bar signs I printed and framed were found on Pinterest.

The Birthday cake the Birthday girl arranged herself and it was a show stopper .... isn't it amazing! 

It also matched the black, white and gold colour theme perfectly!

The venue, decor, music and food all set the scene for this 1920's party and it was awesome!

I had so much fun helping with the decorations and party planning and we are already talking about the next Murder Mystery party .... all we need to do is settle on a theme!

Have you been to a Murder Mystery party?

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[1st image from here, venue via Airbnb and all images my own]

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  1. Looks fun - I love those. We haven't done one in a while...

  2. Looks fabulous. My daughter did something very similar for her 18th. Of course, I was on the east coast on a blogger trip with Vicki and completely missed all the fun.


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