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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

New Limestone Retaining Wall + Colorbond Fence

I have another subdivision update on the blog today!

Once we agreed on a plan with our neighbour for a new retaining wall and fence we could go ahead and get the work done.

Bright and early Sunday morning the guys building the retaining walls (who also built our limestone courtyard) were ready to get to work and with the help of the bobcat driver digging up the old fence panels, Mr P removed the old fence panel by panel, wrapped it in plastic and took it to the rubbish tip.

Once the fence was removed they measured out where the new wall would be built on our side of the boundary.

The land was dug out with a bobcat so it was level and ready for the new limestone retaining wall to be built.

The retaining wall is built with these big meter long limestone blocks.

They are too heavy to lift by hand so the bobcat is used to carry them over and put them into place and they are then cemented in.

It took just a few hours to build the first course of the wall and then start on the second course. The wall is staggered as it follows the height of the land.

These guys work really fast I can't believe how quickly the wall was built.

The next day the guys finished off the second course of blocks on the retaining wall.

They also did the top section of the wall adjoining our garage. This section steps up again and will be the length of our new backyard once we have subdivided the block.

Next we booked in the fence guys to come and install the new colorbond fence in classic cream which will be installed in the center of the retaining wall in the backyard.

You can see the neighbours have already had the new fence installed along the rear of their boundary and the same style of fence will be used for the side. There are different patterns of metal you can get but we agreed to stick with the same style.

We also had the side section of our driveway fenced in. This retaining wall was built a few years ago by the guys who built the courtyard and they did this section at that time but it wasn't until now that we were ready for the new fence to go in.

The fence will follow our boundary line but instead of sitting it on top of the retaining wall it will go behind the retaining wall.

It's made the driveway and front of the house feel a lot more private and secure.

The new fence looks great and it makes our home look modern and newish ..... you'd never know it's a retro 1960's home now!

So now that one side of the property is fenced in we are very eager to come to an agreement with our other neighbour so we can get the other side done.

We also need to have a retaining wall and fence put in down the center of the block which will signify the new backyard space for the front house. We are going to build a deck in this space as well so we are currently looking for a draftsman and structural engineer to draw up plans for us and then submit it to our local Council for approval.

Slowly but surely our subdivision plans are almost complete which is a good feeling!

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  1. Action stations. I love the Limestone blocks they are simply lovely

    1. They are more expensive but they are worth it I think, they are really special (as far as bricks can go!)

  2. Michelle
    It never ceases to amaze me the incredible amount of work that needs to go into building a retaining wall. Oh and the agreements that need to happen between neighbours for fences to be built can be more than are required to broker peace deals.
    Meanwhile your retaining wall and fence looks great!

    1. You are right, there is so much planning behind the scenes before the work can even begin. But then the work begins and happens so quickly you forget about all the stress it took to get there!

  3. I love the new fence! Wow, I'm so jealous. It's on our to-do list, but so expensive. Yours looks so modern and sleek - it's perfect.

    1. Thanks Tanya, sharing the costs with the neighbour helped!

  4. The fence and retaining wall look great! So neat and tidy. Thank you for linking up with #HIT

  5. Love the Limestone blocks. Fencing is one of those jobs that can be a pain to do, but once done it looks awesome! Thanks for linking up again this week. x

    1. I find the limestone so beautiful! I just dont know myself anymore getting excited over building materials :)

  6. I adore the limestone blocks you used for the wall. I never realized how much work goes into making a wall like that; I appreciated the pictures showing from start to finish - it looks great! Maybe one of these days I can talk my husband into a project like that!

    Eula Carpenter @ California Fence Co.

  7. A lot of hard work went into that fencing change, but what a major improvement! Your yard is such a great space so this upgrade seems worthwhile. The deck will be a fabulous addition to your home, too. Share more photos with us after that addition of the deck is complete. Good luck with it and the yard looks great!

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  9. Delta Fence and Construction is a licensed, bonded and insured building contractor in the state of Michigan. We are dedicated to providing fencing solutions that keep you safe, secure, and look elegant.


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