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Thursday, March 9, 2017

DIY: Painting + Sealing The Driveway

We have come a long way in updating our house exterior over the years - here's a flashback to what our driveway looked like before when we first bought the house.

After we had a new driveway laid it was a million times better and safer to drive and walk on .... Plus we built a garage, rendered and painted the bricks, roof restoration, built a courtyard garden, sheesh we've made some changes out here!

But we were a bit slack and didn't seal the new driveway straight away and so it has faded a bit in the harsh summer sun and suffered a bit of wear and tear. So we thought we had better seal it to protect it from the weather and any stains and marks from leaking cars and also to inject a bit of colour back into it by using a sealer tinted with colour.

We used a Crommelin Sealer in Enhance Satin with a Basalt colour additive which tinted the sealer a dark charcoal colour. This is an industrial strength sealer which resists oil and grease so is perfect for the driveway. 

We sealed one side of the driveway and then on our next free weekend (a month or so later!) we did the other side of the driveway. This way we could still park our cars and walk on one side whilst the painted side was curing.

To seal a driveway you need to clean the surface well first and for this we used our pressure cleaner to hose off the driveway and scrubbed off any heavy marks and stains. When it was dry we went over it with the vacuum to remove any bits of sand left behind. Once it was nice and clean it was ready to be sealed. 

To apply the sealer which is like a thick paint Mr P used a paint brush to cut in along the edges and then a paint roller on a pole to paint the rest. We bought a cheap brush and roller so we could throw them in the bin afterwards. We did two coats leaving it to dry overnight between coats.

We spent under $100 on the sealer, paint brush and roller which makes it a pretty inexpensive DIY.

Painting and sealing the driveway has added a new lease of life to the concrete and it makes a great first impression to the front of the house.

Have you tackled any DIY projects around the house lately?

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  1. Wow! What a difference! The sealer looks great! We were thinking of doing something similar to our concrete patio to dress it up a bit.

    1. This would work really well on a concrete patio :)

  2. It looks so nice and I also love that it is flat and LONG! Our driveway is short and steep! So, it is impossible to shovel in the winter (not that you'd have a problem with that! ha!).


    1. It is a bit steep but not too bad. Oh wow I never even thought of what it would be like to shovel snow now that will be hard!

  3. Thank you for including the 'before' picture. Wow!! What a difference!
    We live in Winnipeg, Manitoba in Canada. Our garage opens onto a back lane, so it's only a few steps from the garage to the road. It's enough, especially when we have to shovel snow :)

    1. The before is a little scary isn't it! It must be so hard having to shovel snow, it never snows in Perth so we don't need to worry about that! Thanks for stopping by :)


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