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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Read em and eat

The latest issue of Australian House and Garden magazine landed in my mailbox yesterday and once again I'm loving its glossy glorious pages of goodness. But what really caught my eye this time was the recipes. I've spoken before about my love for toasties and there are a few recipes for gourmet toasted sandwiches that look absolutely scrump-diddly-umptious.

Here they are:

Usually if I find a recipe I want to try I'll either tear it out and put it on the fridge to entice me to make it or if I can't bear to tear into the magazine (like this one it's only 1 day old I just can't do it!) I'll post-it note the page instead and leave it out to remind me to try it. If it stays on the fridge unmade for too long i'll put it away into my recipe book and this is the first place I go when I'm writing out my weekly menu plan.

If its a winner and something I'd make again I'll write it into my recipe book and stick the picture in next to it (so I remember what it's meant to look like!).

If its a dud well its bye bye into the bin it goes.

Where do you keep recipes you want to try?

[Image via here]
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  1. Yum! I'm also a toastie fan & these sound delish!
    I keep my "to try" receipes at the very front of my cookbook holder on my kitchen bench. That way I can see them and work them into my menu planning for the fortnight. I try to do one new thing a week.
    Menu planning sounds really boring I know; but it makes my busy families lives a bit smoother!

  2. I have a folder of torn out recipes to try, in plastic sleeves to separate them into desserts, pasta etc. Nothing makes it into my actual recipe books until it's been tested and I know it's something I'd like to make again.

  3. Oh wow! These look seriously delicious. I'd love to try the Smoked Mozzarella one...

    PS: I’m currently running a super sweet giveaway that I think you’ll love. If you have a moment, stop by…

  4. Not a good idea to read this post while I am dying for lunch :-) nom nom nom


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