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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hostess With The Mostess - Indian Dinner Party

My latest dinner party theme was Indian and all the dishes we made were delicious (apart from the dessert which was handmade ice cream it was icy in the middle and melting fast on the outside a bit disappointing). You could smell the aromas of spices and herbs down the driveway a great way to welcome guests in for a feast. 

The main and dessert we made the night before which made it so much easier as we just had to heat them up and everything else was prepared before guests arrived and we just kept it warm so we weren't stuck in the kitchen all night while everyone else was having a good time! I'll be sharing the recipe for the entree soon its definitely one that's made it into my favourite recipes book.

The fun bit was decorating the table and I really went to town on that ... I typed up menus and printed them out on textured paper to put onto everyones plates.

I decorated the table in red and gold. I looked everywhere for red linen napkins but couldn't find any so had to resort to paper napkins in the end, not as nice but the colour was a good contrast between the plates. I tied the cutlery with red and gold cord and this weighted the menus down. 

A float bowl with flowers and candles was a pretty centrepiece on top of an orange satin table runner. I put out wine glasses for water and a glass water jug with sliced lemon, oranges and mint. 

The entree was served on 2 platters and everyone helped themselves and the main dishes went into white ceramic dishes and onto the middle of the table and everyone helped themselves.

I must have been having too much of a good time because unfortunately I didn't get any photos of the finished table before we messed it up! 

There were candles everywhere and little paper lantern lights which gave a really nice ambiance ... I'm loving our new outdoor dining area and can't wait to host the next dinner party.

You know you've hosted a success dinner party when parting words from guests are "You're the Hostess with the Mostess!" OK so family probably have to say those kind of things but it made all the planning, decorating and cooking I did this week well worth the effort. It was a great night!

 photo F0F68C01A59FABD46732FC15E1D8816D_zpsc6047f2f.png

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  1. wow looks gorgeous...mmmmmmmmmmm love the menu, please contact me next time you are having one!!!!!!

  2. YUMMMMM had to be in capitals because we lurve Indian food!

  3. Mmm looks delicious! I love the menu on the plates. Indian food is one of my favorites.



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