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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

What is a man cave?

"Since ancient times, men have needed a sanctuary to be by themselves. They need a place where they can devolve to their primal state and enjoy the rougher things in life. While burps, farts, cat calls and heckles play a minor role outside of the man cave, inside the cave those bodily functions sounding off are practically a language of their own!"

Thank you ehow your knowledge knows no boundaries!

The Man Cave prep is underway, over the 5 day Easter and Anzac Day break I spent most of this time filling the gap in the floorboards, Petes been hard at work sanding the floorboards, window frames, door frame, plastering and sanding the walls. So now we're just about ready to start painting.

I've been thinking about the essentials for this Man Cave - Big TV. Recliner Couches. Inexpensive Rug (think beer stains!). Sadly I don't think I'll be allowed to wave my decorating wand in this room it'll be all man aka Pete's design. Ok so maybe with a teeny bit of my decorating sparkle thrown in (if I can get away with it)!

Just for fun here's some of HGtv's best man caves

Does your home have a man cave?
Do tell I want to hear all about it!

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  1. Aah, this cracks me up! I love the first one, I could live with that.
    Mu hubby actually said to me the other day that houses should be designed with a tool room, so he doesn't have to go out to the shed each time he needs a hammer or screwdriver. At first I thought he was just being lazy, but then I realised just how often he is going out to the shed, so I emptied out the laundry cupboard (which was accumulating crap anyway) and have made it a space for tools, lamps, torches, and blokey bit and bobs. So that is my contribution to letting my hubby have a man cave, or at least, man space. xx

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