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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wow Factor

“Most people start out wanting to go for their fantasy, but end up painting their walls dove-white.”
— Rayman Boozer

This quote from the beautifully inspiring blog Belle Maison has made me want to inject a bit more wow factor into the next rooms that I renovate. I've started slowly and maybe played it a bit too safe so far. I know the looks I love when I see them in a magazine or on the web, but I haven't quite mastered that look in my home yet. So for the last rooms left to renovate, I want to go for my fantasy kitchen, dining, laundry and bathroom.
For the Kitchen an eye catching splash back and dramatic lighting along the breakfast bar
The Dining Area I want to have a feature wall of bold dark stripes

The Laundry has to be pretty and practical with eye catching tiling

The Power Room (aka loo) is the place I want a bit of unexpected playfulness on the walls with wallpaper or stripes

The Bathroom on the other hand I want to look modern with a bit of glam and a wow factor mirror is a must for this room

Are you renovating to your wildest dreams or are you playing it safe?

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