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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Taking the Easy Road

After some Easy Rd vs Hard Rd deliberations I've decided to take the Easy Rd and start on the Man Cave next. I know its not as much fun as planning a shiny new kitchen and trust me I really really really want a shiny new kitchen now! But it gives us extra time to save up and get the kitchen we really want. The Man Cave is the 4th and final bedroom to be painted so it will be so nice to have it complete and not have to shut the door to hide the mess when friends are coming over!

The Easy Rd isn't work free oh no this room has been our 'spare room' to dump everything in from drying clothes, old curtains, tins of paint, even our fish tank ... those poor neglected fish I'm surprised we haven't had any casualties! So everything needs to find a new home so the room can be emptied, prepped and painted and the floorboards restored and sealed. The best thing is we have the supplies ready to do it so it won't cost a cent (well besides the wine I'll be consuming once we finish for the day!).

So this weekend the tv will be turned off, the magazines are put away and I'm getting off the computer RIGHT NOW to get started.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Tee hee you caved in to speak ; ) x

  2. Good luck! Hope you get it all done and enjoy that wine afterwards :)


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