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Friday, November 18, 2011

Bathroom Vanity Design

It may sound a bit extravagant but we're getting the bathroom vanity custom made so we can get the most out of the space. To me every last spec of space for storage is pretty important and while I might not need 4 different types of hand cream I have them and they have to be stored somewhere!

I have drawn and redrawn the bathroom vanity design a million times and was finally ready to meet with the cabinet makers Qndesigns (who were recommended by friends who just renovated their bathroom) so I went prepared with my sketches and ideas folder and guess what happened?

My design completely changed! I wanted all drawers with a small cupboard door on the side kind of like the Ikea design but it turns out the pipework for the basins will take up all the room in the drawers so the best thing was to have cupboards instead. I even quivered my lip and fluttered my eyelashes but there was no getting around it, it had to be redesigned. He did tell me if he designs our kitchen for us (yes he does them too) it will be all drawers, drawers and more drawers so I guess that was the compromise!

We spent 2 hours with the cabinet maker who designed the cabinet on the computer as we talked so we could see the 3D image of it. The design we ended up with was cupboards on both sides and drawers in the middle. The cupboards will have just one door instead of two to make it a bit more minimalistic.

Once it was designed we walked around his showroom and picked out the cabinet colour and bench top. He specialises in granite bench tops and of course I was lured towards the most expensive but extremely gorgeous black granite with flecks of shell through it. It's called emerald pearl, stunning don't you think?

Once the top was chosen it was onto the cupboards, I had initially wanted to be daring with the cupboard colours and pick something a bit different, maybe with a wood look, anything but white. But dark cupboards just wont go with the black granite and grey floor tiles so in the end I had to play it safe and choose a bright gloss classic white. Next we picked chrome handles in a curved design which will go with the shape of the round basins (you can see my glass basins here).

The cost is $1495 (just under our $1500 budget)
This includes 1400mm wide, 2 cupboards with shelves, 3 drawers, chrome handles, soft closing doors and drawers and a granite bench top. Made and delivered in 2-3 weeks time completely assembled no instructions needed or putting it together arguments

Can't wait for the call to say its ready!
[Granite photo from qndesigns all other photos my own]
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  1. Your vanity is still epic. Even without a million drawers!!

    Love your blog:)

  2. Hey Michelle, thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday, looks like you guys have some pretty big renos going on as well!

  3. I love the design they've come up with. I find the drawers in our ensuite vanity really handy for the numerous tubes and containers of bathroom products. I'll have to keep your cabinet makers in mind for when we eventually do our cabinetry in the living room on either side of our heater.


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