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Friday, November 4, 2011

You'll Never Guess ... Tile Picking

I made 3 decisions in 1 day, yes I know, it's a miracle! I've picked out ALL the tiles for the bathroom. These metallic feature tiles, grey floor tiles and white wall tile (just imagine the white colour chip is the white tile!)

It was actually a lot of fun I’d walk into a tile shop and make a mood board – grab a white tile, grab their feature mosaic tiles and floor tiles and see what would work. I never noticed before how much white really makes the other colours pop.

These are the glass mosaics (don't mind the cracks someones a bit clumsy and dropped them countless times!). You know I'm crazy about feature tiles and I want a metallic feature tile for the shower alcove (where the shampoo etc goes like I posted about here) and either a strip behind the vanity or on the side wall, I haven’t decided yet. I looked in a zillion shops for metallic mosaics and fell in love with these ones which ironically were the cheapest I found at $20 a sheet – compared to $63 a sheet which is what I thought I would have to pay so I was pretty pleased with that.

The floor tiles I picked 300x600 which are the extra large rectangle modern looking shape. I wanted a light grey colour to match in with the metallic mosaics. After running around with my little sample of mosaics (yes and dropping it a few times!) I finally found one that complimented it beautifully in a medium shade of grey with a white fleck through it for a bit of interest. They are porcelain tiles designed and made in Italy and just my luck were on sale for $47.50 per m2 (reduced from $72).

(Don't mind the kacky tiles underneath they will be ripped out this very weekend!)

The tiles for the walls I went for the same size as the floor 300x600 and opted for a bright gloss white. I was going to only tile in the shower area but have decided to tile everything now, floor to ceiling. I love how the white tiles reflect light around and I'm hoping they will make the room feel bigger. The white tiles are $29 per m2 but we are trying to get a better price.

Now we have picked the tiles we are getting quotes from tilers to lay and hope to book someone in before Christmas. Before the tiles are laid we have some work to do - lots and lots of work (I have a 2 page list of things to do in fact). This weekend I'll be busy shopping for the basins, mixers, shower grate, etc ready for the plumber who is booked in next weekend.

Oh and another thing, we also have to demo our bathroom, yes I'm talking some serious sledgehammer action is on the cards, ripping out all the tiles, the purple retro bath, shower recess, etc it is all coming out ready for the plumber. It will be a super busy weekend!

I hope everyone has a sledgehammering good weekend!
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  1. How exciting Michelle! I love the tiles you chose - they're gorgeous! Now I'm doing my blogger duty to remind you to take plenty of "before and during" photos so we can all see just how far your bathroom came when all is said and done! ;)
    Have a great weekend,
    Meredith @ Welcome to Heardmont

  2. agreed we simply MUST have before and after shots!



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